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Help Me Make My Problem Worse

Filed under: Blogging Matters — Patterico @ 8:53 pm

I have a wonderful problem. I blew through my allotted bandwidth for the month again last month. And it looks like it’s going to keep happening. Or so I hope.

The reason is that traffic has been good at the blog lately. And that’s a good thing. Ever the optimist, I hope it keeps up.

But I always want to do better. So I am asking you to make my problem worse.

Take a moment to tell a couple of friends about this blog. (If you can think of only one friend who would enjoy it, I’ll settle for that.) Feel free to tell more than two — mass e-mails to like-minded people (or even dissenters!) are welcome.

The more voices we have here, and the more brains we have thinking about the issues discussed here, the better off we all are.

So do me a favor, and take a second to spread the word. If you know people who want to stay current on media bias issues — or who might enjoy the other topics we discuss here — tell some friends. Let’s push my bandwidth bill through the roof!

AP Takes Cheney Quote Out of Context

Filed under: Media Bias — Patterico @ 12:09 am

The Associated Press is at it again. In a story covering a town hall meeting with Dick Cheney yesterday, the AP accuses Cheney of saying that a Kerry presidency would result in a major terrorist attack on the United States. The AP bolsters this conclusion by chopping off the end of one of Cheney’s sentences, thus causing Cheney’s statement to sound inflammatory and even extremist, when it actually was neither.

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