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Kerry Increasingly Confident!

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The reaction of the mainstream media to the candidates’ relative convention bounces (or lack thereof, in Kerry’s case) has come in the form of five major points. Here’s what the media has told us:

1) Okay, so John Kerry didn’t get a bounce. We’re not surprised. There were no swing voters left for Kerry to swing.

2) George Bush’s significant bounce is easily explained. I would be happy to explain it. Because the explanation is simple. And here it is. Ahem. [Takes out hypnotist’s watch.] You are get-ting slee-py . . . When I snap my fingers, you will forget we ever made Point 1.


3) George Bush’s bounce was because Republicans went negative. That showed their nastiness.

4) You think John Kerry doesn’t know how how to get negative too? Just you wait! Our boy’s a street fighter! Ka-pow! You’ll see!

5) When our boy Kerry goes negative, that won’t show his nastiness. It will show his determination.

The L.A. Times has followed this script to the letter, as I explained on September 4. They made Point 1 on August 3. Two days ago, they made Points 2-5.

Today, the L.A. Times expands on Points 4-5, portraying Kerry as a “Comeback Kid” in a front-page story today titled A Trailing Kerry Has Been There, Won That.

Today’s story manages to put a positive spin on Kerry’s track record of campaign tactics that most people would find distasteful, such as misleading negative advertising, or violating agreed-upon spending limits. In the topsy-turvy world of today’s story, such sordid tricks are advanced as a reason to admire Kerry, rather than to revile him. The message: Kerry is a street fighter who will do what it takes to win. Good for him!

Read the story if you don’t believe me. It opens:

Nat Hentoff Criticizes John Kerry’s Refusal to Release His Military Records

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Regular readers know that I have a great deal of respect for Nat Hentoff, a stand-up guy who calls ’em like he sees ’em. Hentoff has an op-ed in today’s Washington Times decrying John Kerry’s refusal to provide access to his complete military records. (Via Prestopundit.)

A Cautionary Tale

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Captain Ed reminds us not to put blind trust in journalists we don’t know personally. Here’s why.

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