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Link Roundups: A Question

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I’d like to throw this open to the crowd:

If I am going to do posts that simply point you to a link I find interesting, with minimal commentary, tell me which you would prefer:

  • A short post for each link, the way I have been doing it today (I call this “Spoons-style” blogging); or

Or, would you prefer that I not link to another post unless I have something significant to add?


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Power Line says that Douglas Brinkley is 1) calling on John Kerry to release all his military records; and 2) saying he doesn’t know what to make of the Swift Boat Vets’ claims.

UPDATE: In the comments, Julie says Brinkley is continuing to support Kerry.

How Many Casualties Were There in Iraq Last Month?

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The Commissar is questioning the accuracy of a story in the Washington Post, which reports that there were 1,100 soldiers and Marines wounded in Iraq in August.

France Behind Forged Uranium Documents?

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According to the Sunday Telegraph, Italy is blaming France for the creation of the forged documents in the “uranium from Niger” brouhaha. Thanks to Barcepundit for the heads up.

German Socialists Lose Again

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Davids Medienkritik reports:

Yet another state election in Germany has resulted in a major loss for German Chancellor Schroeder and his ruling Socialist SPD party.

While this sounds like good news, it is accompanied by a disturbing trend: it appears that Germans are increasingly turning to extremist parties on both ends of the spectrum.

David Shaw: “I’ll Be the One to Tell You What’s Important and What’s Not”

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Professor Bainbridge notes an astonishing quote from L.A. Times reporter David Shaw:

The officially unaffiliated position of the Swift Boat veterans notwithstanding, the unofficial assistance of those friendly to Bush was both undeniable and just about the only fact that made their efforts newsworthy.

Now, I don’t quite share the Professor’s outrage over Shaw’s comment that the “unofficial assistance of those friendly to Bush” was “undeniable.” That’s not quite the same thing as saying that the Vets are “surrogates” of the Bush campaign — a far more serious and unsupportable charge.

But for Shaw to say that this assistance is “just about the only fact that made their efforts newsworthy” is . . .

Stunning. Astounding. Choose your adjective. Your jaw must simply be agape.

And note: Shaw wants media outlets to serve as “filters for truth” — in other words, to prevent news like the Swift Vets’ accusations from ever coming to your attention in the first place.

Thank God for new media such as the blogosphere, which prevents gatekeepers like Shaw from squelching stories like that of the Swift Boat Vets.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t know if the Swift Vets’ accusations all have merit. But the idea that some know-it-all like David Shaw feels entitled to “filter out” serious accusations like theirs from the coverage of the campaign — that should really give us all pause.

Thanks to Professor Bainbridge for bringing this to our attention.

Kerry Controversies

Filed under: 2004 Election — Patterico @ 11:14 am

Tom Maguire has an interesting reprise of the Kerry controversies.

Excellent Fisking

Filed under: Media Bias — Patterico @ 11:13 am

Cori Dauber has this excellent fisking of a terrible Washington Post article today.

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