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L.A. Times Coverage of Bush Bounce vs. Kerry Non-Bounce

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It’s just fascinating to compare the Los Angeles Times‘s coverage of John Kerry’s non-bounce after the Democratic convention, compared to President Bush’s sizable bounce after the Republican convention.


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This is fun. I haven’t figured it out, but I haven’t tried all that hard.

Kerry Makes Stealth Visits to Wounded Soldiers??

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John Kerry recently claimed that he visited wounded soldiers at a hospital “the other day.” Bryon at Slings and Arrows is trying to figure out what he’s talking about. Bryon doesn’t remember any news coverage of any such visit, and neither do I. Nor can either of us find any recent reference to any such visit in the news.

None of this necessarily means that Kerry didn’t visit a hospital that had wounded soldiers. (Although, the fact that John Kerry says something happened doesn’t necessarily mean that it did.) But if Kerry did visit wounded soldiers recently, it doesn’t seem to have gotten much press coverage — and that is interesting in itself. After all, Kerry has a spotty record when it comes to encounters with the military on the campaign trail. . .

Xrlq Gets a Correction in the L.A. Times

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Today the Los Angeles Dog Trainer runs this correction:

Schwarzenegger — An editorial Wednesday quoted a political consultant as saying the U.S. Constitution did not seem to bar a foreign-born person such as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming vice president. However, the 12th Amendment, ratified in 1804, closed such a prospect by declaring that the qualifications for vice president were the same as for president.

Remember: you first read about the Dog Trainer‘s screw-up at Xrlq’s blog.

I’m Really Just Annoyed That You Got the Deferment and I Couldn’t

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In light of John Kerry’s recent speech highlighting the Vietnam deferments obtained by Vice-President Cheney, it’s useful to remind ourselves about Kerry’s own unsuccessful attempt to get such a deferment. (Via USS Neverdock.)

Bush Up by 11

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A second poll has Bush up by 11 points.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post has a story about Bush’s convention speech titled: Speech Fails to Sway These Undecideds.

Just a whole bunch of other undecideds that the Washington Post was unable to locate, I guess.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum considers and rejects various objections to the methodology of the latest poll.

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