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AP Lie Spreading Fast

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Earlier I mentioned an AP howler about how a crowd of Bush supporters supposedly booed President Clinton upon hearing that he was to undergo bypass surgery — and that Bush did nothing to stop them.

PowerLine has more on how quickly the AP‘s lie has spread.

UPDATE: And Spoons has more about how the fringe left is responding — first to the initial news, and later to the corrected news. Hint: the booing and the cheering were both bad.


Posts That Caught My Attention Today

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I’m not much on doing roundups of links to various blogs. However, I may start doing them on occasion — especially when I am catching up on my blog reading, as I am today. I guarantee that all of these links interested me. They might interest you as well.

Possessed Rubber Ducky

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This haunted rubber ducky brought in $107.50 on eBay. Bloggers, if you’re blogging for the money, you’re in the wrong field. Get some crap from around your house, write some story to go along with it, and cash in, baby!

(Thanks to alert reader Laudio.)

I wonder if Bert could have used this thing to chase Ernie out of his bedroom so he could get some sleep.

L.A. Times Corrects Error in Editorial, Sort Of

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The L.A. Times ran a letter today under the headline Check the Constitution:

Your Sept. 1 editorial, “Schwarzenegger’s Close-Up,” begins with the “intriguing possibility” raised by Tony Quinn, a GOP political consultant, that the “U.S. Constitution doesn’t seem to bar Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming vice president.” The editorial wonders how he could constitutionally serve if the presidency went vacant.

The last sentence of the 12th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1804, reads: “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of president shall be eligible to that of vice president of the United States.”

Ellen P. Aprill
Professor of Law
Loyola Law School

But because you read Xrlq’s blog, you already knew that.

Clinton’s Bypass Surgery

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Best wishes to Bill Clinton on his bypass surgery.

E-Mail from Former L.A. Times Reporter

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A former L.A. Times reporter wrote me an e-mail yesterday. What an entertaining e-mail it was.

Among other things, his e-mail said the following about the L.A. Times, where he worked many years ago:

The folks who raise your ire were often journeymen reporters back then. Most of them were entirely competent journalists, decent diggers, good writers, thoughtful editors. The institution seemed very liberal then, but they didn’t. The interesting thing is that in the long term, the institution wins. They have become entirely predictable in their outlook and entirely smug in their demeanor. They have become institutionalized, in an odd sense of the term. They have bought into the myth to such an extent that they don’t even recognize that it’s a myth.

The Times newsroom was always a politicized place. I knew that then but I didn’t realize that the bias of the institution was so pervasive, so immutable. The place is still like it always was. There are new names on the masthead, but the blindness to alternative views remains.

. . . .

I encourage you to go after them with all the fury and indignation you can muster. They have become comfortable in their old age, and they deserve to be afflicted. Maybe it will keep them awake.

(All emphasis mine.)

I have asked the author’s permission to reprint his e-mail in its entirety, including the details that might reveal his identity. I am still waiting for his reply. Hopefully the whole e-mail can run here soon, but I won’t run it without the author’s permission. (He is also welcome to reveal himself in the comments here.)

All I can say is that it’s not hard to muster the fury and indignation at times. I don’t always feel it, but when I do, I’m not faking it.

Spinsanity: No Evidence Swift Vets Are Bush “Surrogates”

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Spinsanity busts journalists who call the Swift Boat Vets “surrogates” of the Bush campaign. They could have included Dan Gillmor in their post, as he has made the same baseless accusation.

Council Winners

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There was a tough contest this week for best posts of the week, as determined by the Watcher’s Council. The results were announced here. I am very pleased to announce that the winning Council post award was taken by my friend e-Claire for her fabulous post, Peter’s Comment Touched Me Deeply. The winning non-Council post was The Big Lie: Still Going!, by Dislogue. Congratulations to both.

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