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Hastert Smears Soros

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Eugene Volokh notes that Dennis Hastert smeared George Soros by suggesting that Soros may get his money from drug cartels.

Hastert’s best defense may be: “I don’t know whether he does or not.”

Well, I don’t know whether Dennis Hastert makes a living by sodomizing pigeons for well-heeled onlookers with bizarre and expensive predilections.

I saw that episode of Fox News Sunday, and my mouth was agape, just as Chris Matthews’s was — and just as Eugene Volokh’s apparently was.

Who ever said Hastert was anything but a moron anyway?

P.S. Jay Rosen: this is an example of a true “smear” — a suggestion of extreme wrongdoing by another, with no attempt at anything like factual backup. That is quite a different situation from that of the Swift Boat Vets, who are making specific allegations to support their claims (unlike bonehead Hastert).

An Example of Thoughtful Reaction to Zell Miller’s Speech from the Political Left

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Looks like Zell Miller managed to get under Kevin Drum’s skin. (Warning: profane language.)

(Hat tip to Breaker.)

That’s okay. It’s not like Drum mocked Cheney for using the F-word. Wait . . . this just in: he did.

Fabulous Op-Ed on Christmas in Cambodia

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I had not read this op-ed, by Lee Cearnal in the Houston Chronicle, until today. It first appeared on August 16. Luckily, Beldar has reproduced it in its entirety, to save it from disappearing from the internet.

Rosen Declares Swift Boat Vet Ads a “Smear”

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Jay Rosen has Comments (17)

Zell Miller Speech

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“My family is more important than my party.”

No matter what you thought about the speech, you have to agree that is a powerful line.

I thought his tone was so angry at times that it might have alienated some people. Thank goodness he’s still technically a Democrat, so they can’t really accuse the Republicans of being angry and nasty. (They can try to argue that Miller is really a Republican at heart, and there may be some truth to that, but that doesn’t make for a simple soundbite.)

Still. “My family is more important than my party.” That had to make an impression on some voters.

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