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What Should Convention Bloggers Do?

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I think Jeff Jarvis was the first guy I read who said that convention bloggers should go outside the mainstream and report the unknown stories.

It’s a nice idea, in theory. After all, we don’t just want slop from the hogs at the trough. But come on: what real news is there at a convention? I thought Jarvis got a little self-righteous on the issue, which he has a tendency to do (sorry, Jeff). Now a Captain’s Quarters reader is taking the same easy, cheap shot at Captain Ed.

Interestingly, the e-mailer has no particular constructive advice on just what would be so interesting and newsworthy at a convention. Big surprise.

However, Captain Ed’s commenters had some good ideas. Like: show the true protesters! It’s a given that the media tends to “mainstream” protests that they like, by highlighting the reasonable people in the protest, and ignoring the huge numbers of lunatics. (I personally saw this happen at a gay rights march in Washington D.C. in 1992. I saw all sorts of very off-putting people, none of whom showed up in the T.V. coverage I saw later.) The media is performing the same service for the GOP protesters.

Bloggers can help correct this mainstreaming, by showing us the truth. Actually, someone did that here, if you’re interested.

Here’s an idea I have: go get interviewed by Michael Moore, who is asking clueless delegates inane, pointless questions — and then let him have it. Capture it on tape and put it on the internet.

But if you can’t get that creative, I’ll settle for pictures of Al Franken roughing someone up. I know: it happens so often it shouldn’t be a novelty. But it’s still fun to see.

UPDATE: The media is actually reporting on some of the real protesters. Here’s a New York Times story which mentions that a protester beat an NYPD Detective and put him in the hospital, where he’s in serious condition. (Hat tip to Bryon Scott.)

UPDATE x2: In response to my suggestion, Captain Ed e-mails:

I thought he left — the AP reported that he took off after McCain outed him Monday. I’ll check it out.

Hey, if that doesn’t work, I’ll try to get beat up by Al Franken.

Just get video!

One Response to “What Should Convention Bloggers Do?”

  1. The media often reports on the real protesters, but only when they’re foreigners, and they want to show how much we are hated in the world.

    John A. Kalb (c4be7a)

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