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Media Meltdown

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Glenn Reynolds has a nice column on the meltdown of the mainstream media, as they continue to shill for Kerry, and as a result miss facts (and entire stories) that bloggers are picking up.

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  1. Which fits nicely with Nick Schulz’s column and challenge:

    The tools of the Internet age enable an intelligent public that is tired of media spin to take an active role in uncovering the truth. To that end, we at TCS want you, our readers, to email us examples you discover of the establishment media trundling out their predetermined convention coverage storylines this week. When you come across Laphams in newspapers, magazines, on the Internet or on TV, alert us by sending an email to the following address:

    We will collect your observations and publish the examples of Laphams later in the week. Have fun watching and reading about the convention — and keeping an eye out for more of those “rhetorical inventions” from the press.

    Tim (32e84a)

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