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Patterico: The “Javert” of the Los Angeles Times??

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A friend described me today in an e-mail as the “Javert” of the Los Angeles Times. I didn’t know what he meant, and had to Google it. Apparently it’s a character in Les Miserables, which I have never seen. Here is a quote describing Javert:

In his exaggerated, nearly fanatical devotion to duty and his lack of compassion, Javert represents a punitive, vengeful form of justice.

Wow. Am I that bad?

One more question: in the musical, does the Valjean character deserve to have someone like Javert on his case?

UPDATE: My friend clarifies that my persistence is what reminded him of the Javert character. Fair enough.

6 Responses to “Patterico: The “Javert” of the Los Angeles Times??”

  1. jean Valjean does NOT deserve Javert in the musical, he is a decent man, who reforms and builds a good life.

    IOW, utterly unlike the LA Times. :-)

    Greg D (ad44b1)

  2. Dude, he called your mom a whore.

    The Angry Clam (c96486)

  3. The big difference is that Javert absolutely refused to believe that Valjean had reformed. You have proven yourself willing to commend the Times when it does something right. Granted, the Times sometimes underdoes it, retracting a front page story on A20 below the fold, for example, but I’ve seen you recognize when the Times does see the light.

    Steve G (c3245b)

  4. In the musical. Did you know that a book version of the musical also came out, in 1862?

    Michael (8c9e30)

  5. I agree with your friend. First thing that came to my mind with the Javert reference was persistence. I haven’t seen Javert’s negative qualities represented in your work.

    Maybe we could come up with another literary figure that is more in line with your persona. Captain Ahab might be a little closer, but not much better.

    Sisyphus is close, but he acts from repentance, and you’re more inspired.

    The Light Brigade? Nah.

    Maybe Costner’s Elliot Ness? “Never stop fighting til the fight is done!” That might be workable. Any others?

    LF (288b65)

  6. Michael,

    I figure more people saw the musical than read the book. I have done neither.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

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