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Harnessing the Power of the Web on — Gasp! — Issues!

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Swift Boat Vet fatigue is setting in, and some people are saying: what about the issues? That’s where a project from blogger N.Z. Bear comes in. He has launched a project called Campaign Truth, designed to harness the power of the Web to collect the candidates’ views on various critical issues.

I swear to you I had this exact same idea yesterday while I was taking a shower. (For some reason, I always do some of my best thinking in the shower.) Then I thought: nahh. Too time-consuming. I don’t have the time or energy.

That’s where N.Z. Bear comes in. It would be hard to find a more energetic fellow anywhere.

The only difference between my idea and N.Z. Bear’s was that I was going to prohibit links to obviously skewed campaign material, including links from partisan bloggers and press releases from the campaigns. To my mind, that’s just more muck to wade through. My thinking was that, while contributors could use such links as a starting point, they would be required to submit primary material (including news articles). This would force contributors to do the extra work of seeing whether the campaign or partisan blogger had told them the truth. That’s a step most people rarely take, and I think that forcing contributors to do that would greatly improve the quality of what gets submitted.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea (since I also had it), and I’m thrilled to see someone actually implementing it. Go check it out.

5 Responses to “Harnessing the Power of the Web on — Gasp! — Issues!”

  1. I understand why people want to go back to issues, but Kerry has made issues irrelevant by taking both sides on so many of them. What that means is that character and predictability are more important.

    John Kerry returned from Vietnam and smeared his fellow servicemen and women in a way that did real harm to this country. He built his political career on that stance and the attention he got from that.

    30 years later, he wants us to think of him as a brave warrior, and elect him on the understanding that he will fight the current war better than Georgre Bush.

    John Kerry IS the issue. He has done nothing since 1970 to demonstrate that he would make this country safer, but he is claiming that because of his four and a half months of combat duty, he is better qualified defend us against terrorists than President Bush. The fact that he has been leading in the polls because of a sycophantic and anti-Bush press should scare the hell out of us, as it probably has the SBVFT.

    I don’t much care what the candidates say they’ll do about biotech, Rx for Seniors, education, and the rest. Those will all be determined by political wrangling in Congress. What I do care about is that we keep the terrorists on the run. Let them attack France, Canada or Germany. Just not us again. The rest of the world thinks that these monsters only hate the U.S. and they’re willing to let them have us. I don’t want a president who’s worried about hurting their feelings. If the Spanish people think that they can trade U.S. lives for Spanish lives, let them, but don’t expect us to worry about their approval of what we do to defend ourselves.

    The strongest and most valuable kind of leadership is the kind that takes you where you need to go, even when it can’t show you why. Sometimes there isn’t time. Sometimes there’s just no way to explain it. Sometimes the Sirens are out there luring you toward the rocks, or others trying to dishearten you. A great leader will drag you past those. Kerry is not likely to do that. He seems to be constitutionally unable to take a clear unequivocal stand on anything.

    That’s why the Swift Boat Vets issue is important. People need to know that he is willing to sell out his comrades for political advantage.

    AST (90a970)

  2. How does this proposed website plan to screen ‘news’ articles for bias?

    It seems that whenever the NYT and its cronies cover any story I have interest in, they do the best possible job of spinning the events and quotes to trash everything I hold dear, aggrandizing the opposition, and suppressing coverage of the most important parts.

    Better to track bloggers whose predilections are known, and who have built some trust with their readers over a period of time. Another Howell Raines news-filter we don’t need.

    However, if it’s yrself & NZB proposing this news-bureau caper, there may be hope yet. Best wishes.

    Insufficiently Sensitive (e7b886)

  3. This is all N.Z. Bear. I am just spreading the word. It’s simply happenstance that I had the same idea over the weekend.

    Patterico (f7b3e5)

  4. I’ve been doing this since last year; I called it the Political Profile Project. Since my blog allows public submissions, you can suggest articles to be included here.

    TriggerFinger (94d592)

    See Powerline here and here. Patterica Wizbang…

    JOE'S BLOG (d3d582)

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