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Schiavo Case About To Be Argued

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The Florida Supreme Court hears the Terri Schiavo case tomorrow. Details here.

Revealing E-Mail from Reuters Editor

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The National Right to Life Committee, an anti-abortion group, recently received a startling e-mail from a Reuters news editor named Todd Eastham. Details are available here. And here is the text of Eastham’s e-mail, which the group says came “out of the blue”:

What’s your plan for parenting & educating all the unwanted children you people want to bring into the world? Who will pay for policing our streets & maintaining the prisons needed to contain them when you, their parents & the system fail them? Oh, sorry. All that money has been earmarked to pay off the Bush deficit. Give me a frigging break, will you?

Although Eastham’s e-mail did not purport to represent the views of Reuters, this is an interesting little window into the mindset of at least one of their news editors. One suspects that Eastham is not alone in his views.

Nice Response to L.A. Times Op-Ed on Three Strikes

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Over the weekend I neglected to mention that the L.A. Times printed a great letter responding to the recent op-ed about third-striker Carl Quinton Jones. The letter is here. Because of linkrot, I have reproduced the entire letter in the extended entry.

Patterico: The “Javert” of the Los Angeles Times??

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A friend described me today in an e-mail as the “Javert” of the Los Angeles Times. I didn’t know what he meant, and had to Google it. Apparently it’s a character in Les Miserables, which I have never seen. Here is a quote describing Javert:

In his exaggerated, nearly fanatical devotion to duty and his lack of compassion, Javert represents a punitive, vengeful form of justice.

Wow. Am I that bad?

One more question: in the musical, does the Valjean character deserve to have someone like Javert on his case?

UPDATE: My friend clarifies that my persistence is what reminded him of the Javert character. Fair enough.

Thanks Again to Hugh Hewitt

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Thanks to Hugh Hewitt for once again saying some kind words about this blog. I hope any new visitors will bookmark (or blogroll) this site, and return often.

By the way, Hugh still needs your help in getting his third hour on the air here in Los Angeles from 5 to 6. An e-mail to KRLA would help. Just click on this link.

Harnessing the Power of the Web on — Gasp! — Issues!

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Swift Boat Vet fatigue is setting in, and some people are saying: what about the issues? That’s where a project from blogger N.Z. Bear comes in. He has launched a project called Campaign Truth, designed to harness the power of the Web to collect the candidates’ views on various critical issues.

I swear to you I had this exact same idea yesterday while I was taking a shower. (For some reason, I always do some of my best thinking in the shower.) Then I thought: nahh. Too time-consuming. I don’t have the time or energy.

That’s where N.Z. Bear comes in. It would be hard to find a more energetic fellow anywhere.

The only difference between my idea and N.Z. Bear’s was that I was going to prohibit links to obviously skewed campaign material, including links from partisan bloggers and press releases from the campaigns. To my mind, that’s just more muck to wade through. My thinking was that, while contributors could use such links as a starting point, they would be required to submit primary material (including news articles). This would force contributors to do the extra work of seeing whether the campaign or partisan blogger had told them the truth. That’s a step most people rarely take, and I think that forcing contributors to do that would greatly improve the quality of what gets submitted.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea (since I also had it), and I’m thrilled to see someone actually implementing it. Go check it out.

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