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Debate: Did John O’Neill Lie About Being in Cambodia?

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Some folks have argued that John O’Neill lied about being in Cambodia. The issue even came up in that L.A. Times piece that I praised earlier today.

If you’re looking for a good debate between two people who feel passionately about this issue, on opposite sides, you could do worse than to read the comments to this post at Damnum Absque Injuria.

Xrlq takes the position that O’Neill simply misspoke. Spoons replies that O’Neill is a dirty stinking liar.

(More at Spoons’s blog, here and here.)

I personally feel that my friend Spoons is completely out to lunch on this one. Context, my friend — context! But read the debate and decide for yourself.

John Wayne Kerry

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recalls a debriefing with Lieutenant Commander Grant Hibbard:

I told [Hibbard] I was NOT going to be filing an after-action report, which is required if you have enemy action, because we had no enemy action. And I also after giving him all the details and I said, “Oh, by the way –” and I don’t remember my exact words — “John nicked himself with the M-79.” Those M-79s, by the way, have a kill radius of about five meters. A little over five yards. But, there is a shrapnel area beyond that. And that’s what happened. And I was upset because that could have gone in somebody’s eye and so on and so forth.

The division commander said, “Fine, understand — no after-action report required.” Then, I found out that John [Kerry] had come in. And then I went back into a meeting and he [Kerry] had this small piece of shrapnel in his hand and he was requesting a Purple Heart. I was opposed to that. The division commander was opposed to that.

Ya got that, pilgrim?

Shiver Me Timbers: L.A. Times Runs Fair Portrait of John O’Neill

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Another possible sign that the world is about to end: the L.A. Times has printed a fair piece on Swift Boat Vet John O’Neill. The piece is by Scott Gold and is titled For a Top ‘Swift,’ This One’s Personal. It’s a fair and balanced piece.

Too bad it’s on page A10.

Leftists Try to Ban Books

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Over at Oh, That Liberal Media, Dave Huber reports that the Media Matters people are actively working to ban books.

(As you probably guessed, they are specifically seeking to ban the Swift Boat Vets’ best-selling book, Unfit for Command.)

A nonpartisan friend of mine told me yesterday that he is not that impressed with the Swift Boat Vets, but that he is appalled by the way that Kerry and the Democrats are responding to the campaign. He sees the threats to sue, the stonewalling, and other efforts to suppress the Vets’ complaints as a sign of desperation.

Keep it up, guys!

Sign of the Apocalypse #748

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Evidently the police are running a sting. Any parents who purchase these items are arrested, and their children placed in foster homes.

What’s that you say? It’s not part of a police sting operation? Parents actually just buy these for their children, and then get to keep the children?

Hoo-kay then. (Via Dean Esmay.)

UPDATE: You know, I think I’d rather have parents buying these costumes than buying these toys. (Via Cori Dauber.)

Bush Failures on Homeland Security

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Every few days I hear something new to convince me that President Bush is doing a crappy job on Homeland Security. The latest such item is here:

If al Qaeda wants to strike on U.S. soil before the elections, it still has available to it a gaping loophole it exploited pre-9/11: Saudis’ easy access to U.S. visas.

. . . .

Sept. 11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammed reportedly told U.S. interrogators that the reason 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis was because they had by far the easiest time getting visas. According to the 9/11 Commission, Mohammed personally discovered how true this was when he obtained a visa (using an alias) in July 2001 through a program known as Visa Express, which allowed all Saudis to apply for visas at travel agencies.

And so what has been done to change this? Next to nothing. The Visa Express program has been scrapped, but only 3 of the hijackers used it anyway. We’re still handing out visas to Saudis like candy.

How very reassuring.

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