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Captain Hits 1,000,000; Patterico Hits a Quarter Mil

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After just a few months of blogging, Captain Ed’s hit counter has crossed the 1,000,000 mark today. Congratulations, Ed!

Meanwhile, my hit counter crossed the 250,000 mark yesterday . . . after a much longer time blogging. But I’m not jealous. Really.

Los Angeles Times Finally Prints Swift Boat Vet Correction

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This morning, the Los Angeles Times runs a correction that I have been pushing them to run for a week:

Swift boat ads — An article in Section A on Aug. 20 about Sen. John F. Kerry’s response to a veterans group critical of his military record stated that none of the members of the group served on Kerry’s patrol boat in Vietnam. Steve Gardner, a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, was a Kerry crewmate. He was not on Kerry’s boat during the incidents for which Kerry was awarded medals.

Big thanks to Glenn Reynolds for helping to shine the bright lights on this issue. Without his help, this error might still be uncorrected.

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