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Still Seeking a Correction

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In a front-page article on August 20, the Los Angeles Times made this incorrect statement:

None of the men in the Swift boat group behind the anti-Kerry ad, including [Larry] Thurlow, served on Kerry’s patrol boat during the war.

I wrote an e-mail to Jamie Gold, the “Readers’ Representative” at the Los Angeles Times, pointing out that Steven Gardner, a member of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, served on one of Kerry’s patrol boats during the war.

It has been six days, and I have received no response, and have seen no correction. We have seen corrections on the spelling of a French spinter’s surname, the spelling of a gymnastics coach’s surname, the age of playwright Arthur Miller, and the starting time of a memorial to Gypsy Boots. But no correction of this clear error, which occurred in a front-page story about a topic of intense national interest.

So, today I wrote an e-mail to Managing Editor Dean Baquet. Here it is:

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