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New Website Suggests Who You Should Kill

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There’s a new web site that tells criminals who is a “rat” — i.e. who has informed police about criminal activity.

The main purpose of such a site would be to tell criminals who they should kill as punishment for being a “rat.”

TalkLeft appears to approve of the site, calling it “a very cool looking new website.”

(Thanks to Xrlq for pointing it out.)

Kevin Drum: Then and Now

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One sure sign that the Swift Boat Vets story is taking hold is to compare Kevin Drum’s attitude on them on August 5 to his attitude today.

Kevin Drum, August 5:

SWIFT BOATS….I hope nobody minds if I ignore the whole Swift Boat veterans thing. These people are certifiable lunatics, and I just can’t stand the thought of wasting neurons over them. I’m sure you can find plenty of coverage elsewhere from hardier souls if you’re really in the mood to torture yourself.

(Aside: this from the guy behind the “Bush was AWOL” flap.)

And Kevin Drum today? He has five separate posts on the issue: here, here, here, here, and here. All in one day.

The last post inspired the title of this post. It is called “THEN AND NOW” and purports to set forth contradictions between the Vets’ statements THEN and their statements NOW. Some of the examples are telling, as I have conceded in the past, but some are not contradictions. For example:

Dr. Louis Letson, today: “I know John Kerry is lying about his first Purple Heart because I treated him for that injury.”

Medical records, 1968: “Dr. Letson’s name does not appear on any of the medical records for Mr. Kerry. Under ‘person administering treatment’ for the injury, the form is signed by a medic, J. C. Carreon, who died several years ago.”

Other pathetic “gotcha” attempts include Larry Thurlow’s words now, versus someone else’s words (which he says are John Kerry’s) on his Bronze Star citation. And so forth.

I think my “Kevin Drum Then and Now” post highlights a more significant contradiction than Drum’s alleged “contradictions.” At least I am comparing a Kevin Drum statement to another Kevin Drum statement, rather than alleging that Kevin Drum is lying because there’s a contradiction between what he said and what some other dude said.

What do you think?

Swift Boat Vets Update

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The Swift Boat story is taking off, with too much material for any one blogger to keep with. Instapundit, Power Line, Captain’s Quarters, Hugh Hewitt, and Beldar come pretty damn close, though.

A Washington Post article titled Swift Boat Accounts Flawed is getting some praise for decent research. It has some interesting nuggets. On the pro-Swiftvets side, it notes that “Kerry’s accusers have succeeding [sic] in raising doubts about his war record” while saying that they haven’t (yet) proved him a liar.

Particularly interesting is this discussion of what records Kerry has released:

Although Kerry campaign officials insist that they have published Kerry’s full military records on their Web site (with the exception of medical records shown briefly to reporters earlier this year), they have not permitted independent access to his original Navy records. A Freedom of Information Act request by The Post for Kerry’s records produced six pages of information. A spokesman for the Navy Personnel Command, Mike McClellan, said he was not authorized to release the full file, which consists of at least a hundred pages.

This answers the question I asked the other day about the efforts that the Post had made to obtain Kerry’s records through FOIA.

The article makes the point that SBVT members haven’t released their full records either. But who’s running for President again?

A Chicago Tribune editor named William Rood has written a first-person account of one of the disputed incidents. He apparently has refused to make himself available for follow-up interviews, saying: “My intent is to tell the story here and to never again talk publicly about it.” No examination has been made of his campaign contributions, political connections, etc.

No matter. The Los Angeles Times uncritically prints it on Page One today. Would the Times give such prominent and uncritical treatment to a Swift Boat Vet who wanted to publish his story, but forbid any follow-up interviews? Excuse me while I finish laughing heartily.

Okay. I’m done.

Beldar says Rood’s article is a good piece that doesn’t say much to contradict the Vets anyway.

Meanwhile, John Leo and Michael Barone write on Christmas in Cambodia. Leo once again shows that he is a reader of blogs. Good for him.

Newsweek has one of Kerry’s principal defenders going backwards on the claim that he knows Kerry was under fire when he rescued Jim Rassmann.

Check out what Les Jones says about the Sunday yakkers’ treatment of the Vets’ accusations.

Council Winners

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The winners of the weekly Watcher’s Council vote for best posts of the week were announced here. Congratulations to AlphaPatriot for the winning Council entry, Swift Boats vs. the Media, and to Captain’s Quarters for once again taking the winning non-Council prize for his post The Alston Story Goes Back Farther Than First Thought.

A Real “Web of Connections”

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Reader Daniel Aronstein points me to this Web of Connections between the Kerry campaign and various Democrat 527 organizations. It’s far more convincing than the graphic run by the New York Times the other day on the Swift Vets (which I previously discussed here).

UPDATE: More threads in the web are documented at Slings and Arrows.

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