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Highlight of My Day

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The highlight of my day was being called “pretty funny” by Hugh Hewitt:

Patterico is pretty funny, and all over the Los Angeles Times’ non-coverage of Kerry’s gun-running and magic hat. Patterico has set for himself a task that Hercules would never attempt, because that is one stable that can’t be cleaned.

Now that’s pretty funny.

P.S. This seems like a good time for me to renew my call (previously made here and here) for local L.A. radio station KRLA to start putting on Hugh’s third hour between 5 and 6, when I drive home from work. I encourage everyone reading this blog to click on this link and tell KRLA: “Put Hugh Hewitt on from 5 to 6!

Who Is Greg Ransom?

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I admit to feelings of loyalty to Greg Ransom of the PrestoPundit blog, a fellow Bear Flagger and all around good guy. Greg has consistently linked to me in good times and bad, and sees a lot of issues the same way I do.

Well, Greg has been doing killer stuff on John Kerry recently, and evidently has been getting enough traffic that he decided to do a post telling readers a little about himself. You can read it here.

Close the Book on This One: Pakistan Outed the Al Qaeda Mole

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It is now crystal clear that Pakistan, not the U.S., outed the Al Qaeda mole. You might remember that I first mentioned this possibility 10 days ago, and provided more evidence one week ago. The New York Times admits it. (Though Drum offers no apology for the invective he leveled at the Bush Adminstration when it appeared that the U.S. had outed the mole.)

The Ranting Prof notes that the revelation is stuck near the very end of the story. I’ll further note that the story isn’t even about the outing of the mole. So it’s a buried revelation in a tangentially related story — and the Times let allegations to the contrary percolate unrebutted for about 2 weeks before finally dropping this on us.


Isn’t reporting the truth and correcting misimpressions supposed to be in their job description somewhere? Just askin’.

Blog Pyramid Scheme

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I have searched all my life for a pyramid scheme where I could get in on the ground floor — and not be prosecuted. I think I’ve found it.

Here is the explanation of the pyramid scheme. What follows is text written by someone else, found at this link (via Michael Williams, who says he is not participating). It’s a totally blogocentric idea. If that kind of thing bores you, then skip this entry.

Bloggers Run for Office — In Iraq

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Ali and Mohammed at the “Iraq the Model” blog are running for the Iraqi National Assembly.

L.A. Times Inoculates Kerry Against Swift Boat Vets’ Charges

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So: were you surprised by the way the L.A. Times spun the Swift Boat Vets story?

Not if you know something about the liberal media. And certainly not if you’ve been reading my blog.

Even before yesterday, I had already noted the way the paper had been spinning the Swift Boat Vets storyincluding calling it the political equivalent of a “snuff film.” After a front-page declaration like that, it would have been tricky for the Times to give a fair hearing to the allegations. How could the paper impartially report on the facts of the Swift Boat Vets’ ad, when the paper had already been so publicly dismissive of that very ad?

But what about the idea that the paper would suppress explosive details of a story to save the hide of a politician whom the Times editors like? As I told you recently, it appears that there may be some precedent for that as well.

Even placing to the side the specifics of the Swift Boat Vets’ accusations, you should have expected spin like this based on a knowledge of the history of the paper. Take the paper’s performance last year, for example.

So no, if you have been following this blog, then you shouldn’t have been surprised. But we should all be upset — and we should all demand better news coverage than this.

And I don’t really give the paper much credit for bringing up the topic. Yes, it was the first major examination of the Vets’ accusations in the mainstream media. But the Vets’ story was gaining momentum. If the L.A. Times didn’t finally break the embargo, some other paper would have — probably with less pro-Kerry spin.

If the Times can say that the Swift Boat Vets’ ad was the political equivalent of a “snuff film,” then I guess it’s not much more inflammatory for me to say that the Times article was the political/journalistic equivalent of an inoculation. The paper got just enough of the Vets’ accusations into the bloodstream of the public consciousness — while taking special care to dilute those accusations enough to keep readers from re-examining their views of John Kerry. Now, even if the Vets’ accusations hit the rest of the media with full force, people who have read the Times article will think they know the whole story, and will be more likely to ignore the Vets.

It’s hard to shake the nagging suspicion that this is exactly the result that Times editors intended.

UPDATE: Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the link. I hope any new readers from her site will bookmark this site and return often.

Power Line in Big Media

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My friends at Power Line have a great op-ed on Kerry’s “Christmas in Cambodia” story in today’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

Link Fix

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When I last announced the winners of the weekly Watcher’s Council contest, I provided the wrong link for Athena’s winning post. The mistake is fixed; go read her post now at the correct link.

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