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A Survey of the L.A. Times‘s Breathless Coverage of the “Bush Was AWOL” Story

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In light of recent allegations about John Kerry’s military record by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, many have questioned why the mainstream media has largely ignored that story, while the same media outlets showed great interest in the allegations that President Bush went AWOL while in the National Guard.

I thought it might be enlightening to put a spotlight on the coverage of the “Bush was AWOL” story by the Los Angeles Times.

I have previously noted the general tenor of the Times‘s coverage of the Swift Boat Vets. According to the Times, the Vets’ ad is partisan venom, denounced by John McCain and funded by a wealthy Republican activist, concerning a topic that is not “fair game.”

What sort of coverage has the Times given to the “Bush was AWOL” story? In summary, the paper has run at least seven stories mentioning the controversy, including two stories on the front page. The stories consistently emphasized the contrast between Bush’s service in the National Guard and Kerry’s award-winning and allegedly heroic service in Vietnam. The stories frequently quoted John Kerry’s complaints that he didn’t know all the facts behind Bush’s military record. Finally, the stories downplayed the partisan motivations behind the AWOL accusations.

The contrast between the coverage of the “Bush was AWOL” story and the Swift Boat Vets’ accusations could not be clearer.

Here are the details:

More Bias in German Media

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While I am on a media bias kick, it’s good to remember that not all media bias is local. Davids Medienkritik shows how Spiegel Online unfairly slams President Bush.

Bias in the European media is very important, and something we tend to forget about over here. Kudos to David for doing such a great job exposing it.

Christmas in Cambodia vs. Bush AWOL Story

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In light of the media blackout (now slowly lifting) on the Christmas in Cambodia story, it is instructive to remember how the media hyped the Bush AWOL story. The New England Republican has the goods, along with a transcript.

Good News and Bad News on Christmas in Cambodia Coverage

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The good news is that Big Media is starting to notice the Christmas in Cambodia falsehood.

The bad news is that Big Media doesn’t seem to understand why it can’t be an innocent mistake.

(More at Power Line, Captain’s Quarters, and Truth Laid Bear.)

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