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More from Alleged Lone Hysteric Annie Jacobsen

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Via Spoons, we have more from that allegedly hysterical woman Annie Jacobsen, who was allegedly the only passenger to “freak out” when a group of Syrians (who were allegedly non-terrorist musicians) engaged in some decidedly interesting behavior on Northwest Airlines Flight 327.

Jacobsen’s piece contains an interview with Billie Jo Rodriguez of Oxnard, California, another passenger on Flight 327 who was disturbed by the Syrians’ behavior. Ms. Rodriguez corroborates Jacobsen’s observations regarding seemingly surreptitious communications between the Arab men. She noticed the large McDonald’s bag and the man with the pronounced limp (who, you may recall, wore orthopedic shoes that wouldn’t be specially screened under FAA regulations). She says that she prayed during the flight, and exchanged looks with several other passengers, all of whom also seemed concerned.

You may recall, from a TIME article about Flight 327, that an air marshal had timed one of the Syrians’ bathroom visits at 10 minutes. The air marshal — who claimed that nothing unusual had happened on the flight — then searched the lavatory. Remember that? Well, here’s what Ms. Rodriguez says about that particular Syrian passenger:

The man was gone for a very long time. And when he came back, he reeked of chemicals — the chemicals from the toilet bowl. He absolutely reeked of it. And I thought, what was he doing in the toilet? He didn’t smell like chemicals when he got up to go to the bathroom — it was when he came back. It was so spooky. What was he doing in there? That he would smell so strong of chemicals from the toilet?

Alleged lone hysteric Jacobsen now has corroborating accounts of the flight from seven passengers besides herself and her husband. (Calling her a lone hysteric, as so many have, is starting to sound like the characterization of the Iraq war as “unilateral,” because only a few dozen other countries participated.) Here is an e-mail to Jacobsen from another passenger, who is against racial profiling, but who also noticed suspicious behavior by the Arabs.

Jacobsen reports that the Federal Air Marshals Service has not bothered to interview a single passenger from the flight.

But guess what? The FBI still considers Flight 327 to be an ongoing investigation.

But don’t worry, folks. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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