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Rob Martinson: The Scumbag and Ex-Con Behind Spy Wiper

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Via Suzi, a story about Rob Martinson, the scum behind Spy Wiper, a program that hijacked my computer and thousands more across the nation.

There’s even a photo of Martinson from when he was in prison! Here’s hoping he’s on his way back.

One Response to “Rob Martinson: The Scumbag and Ex-Con Behind Spy Wiper”

  1. I recently found a simple and effective solution to a maddening spyware problem. I had picked up a homepage changer, with a searchpage substitute whenever I googled, and an incredible increase in popups. It was not only persistent, but also tried to prevent me from accessing the normal CWShredder and Hijackthis websites (they would ‘timeout’ and when I did find an unblocked mirror site, were ineffective anyway). I was ready to contact the computor seller to reload the entire Windows XP program with resultant headaches when I noticed a ‘System Restore’ program under Start Menu/Accessories/System Tools. It reset the computor to its ‘state’ the day before the problems started, using automatically designated ‘restore points’ (created almost daily). The result was miraculous in effect and my computor was reset to its pre-spyware state without losing any email or documents I had generated in the interim.
    I hope this is helpful to others. With all the frantic resourcing I have done when this problem came up occassionaly, I have never read of anyone using this solution. I assume it is available only on the more recent Windows versions, otherwise it would be the default solution. Sorry for the lengthy post.

    mikem (fd2aad)

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