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Make a Wish

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When I blow out the birthday candles, I wish for continued good health and happy times for my family and friends. But if you put a second cake in front of me, I might wish for this.

Christmas In Cambodia Mentioned by Major Print Media Outlet — in England

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I suppose it’s predictable that the story would break in a newspaper in another country, given the way our American papers have studiously ignored the issue. This just may break the media embargo on the story.

The article summarizes the Swift Boat Vets’ charges, as well as the responses of Kerry and his backers.

How the L.A. Times is Spinning the Swift Boat Vets’ Attacks on John Kerry

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Plug the term “Swift Boat” into the Los Angeles Times search engine. Excluding letters to the editor, you’ll find the following recent pieces and excerpts:

  • America Needs an Antidote to the Election’s Partisan Venom

    August 9, 2004

    Ronald Brownstein

    The 2004 presidential election is generating a level of intensity both inspiring and frightening. Inspiring because it holds the promise of improving the anemic participation in elections. Almost all polls show that the share of voters closely following…
  • Top Texas Donor’s Influence Far More Visible Than He Is

    August 8, 2004

    By Scott Gold / Times Staff Writer

    NASSAU BAY, Texas — Robert J. Perry, the main financier behind the effort to discredit Sen. John F. Kerry’s military record, is the most prolific political donor in Texas. A homebuilder who lives lakeside in this Houston suburb, Perry has helped…
  • It’s Not All Fair Game

    August 6, 2004

    The GOP’s war against Democratic presidential candidate John F. Kerry’s Vietnam record has a history. It began in 1971 when the Nixon administration tapped another Vietnam veteran, John E. O’Neill, to form an organization called Vietnam Veterans for a…
  • McCain Decries Ad, Vouches for Kerry

    August 6, 2004

    By Matea Gold / Times Staff Writer

    NEW YORK — While remaining committed to President Bush’s reelection, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Thursday rose to the defense of Sen. John F. Kerry, castigating the sponsors of a new television commercial that questions the military service of…

In summary, according to the L.A. Times, the Swift Boat Vets’ ad is partisan venom, denounced by John McCain and funded by a wealthy Republican activist, concerning a topic that is not “fair game.” That’s all you need to know.

What’s the difference between this and the way that the Kerry campaign would handle this issue, if it ran the Times?

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WaPo Smears Swift Boat Vets

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Today, the Washington Post runs an editorial on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, titled Swift Boat Smears. The editorial is a window into the mindset behind the apparent decision by most of the mainstream media to ignore the Vets’ accusations of dishonesty by Kerry.

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