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McCain Shoots His Mouth Off Again

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John McCain has called the ad by the Swift Boat Veterans “dishonest and dishonorable.”

I wonder how the hell he knows.

Everything that John McCain does is about his ego. We have an outrageous campaign finance reform law that suppresses political speech because John McCain got mixed up in the Keating Five scandal. Ever since, he has crusaded for campaign finance reform, to make it seem like his disgrace was simply an inevitable by-product of a flawed political system.

Now, because of a still-bruised ego over his fight with Bush in the 2000 primaries, McCain is defending Kerry in a situation where McCain (as far as I know) has no idea whether the veterans’ allegations are true. Again, he is acting based on his own personal experiences. It’s all an ego trip for this guy.

Thank God he’s not our president.

P.S. Kevin Drum, who has been obsessed with the minutiae of Bush’s National Guard service (example here), has this compelling and factually detailed rebuttal of the Swift Boat Veterans’ charges.

P.P.S. Beldar has some actual insight into the character of Swift Boat Veteran John O’Neill. And no, I’m not screwing with you like I was in the first postscript.

P.P.P.S. The L.A. Times editorializes: It’s Not All Fair Game. As the title suggests, the editorial argues that Kerry’s war record is not “fair game.” Not just that the Swift Boat Veterans are wrong (they may be), or that this is a losing issue for Republicans (it may well be). No, the argument is that the very issue of Kerry’s war record is not “fair game.”

So, even if these guys are telling the truth, they should remain quiet because Kerry’s war record is off limits? Is that what the LAT is telling us?? If not, then let’s have some stronger evidence that the eyewitnesses featured in the commercial are lying, before we criticize them for even raising the issue of Kerry’s war record.

Never mind that Kerry never stops talking about his war record. Nobody better dare contradict him. It’s not even “fair game.”

Terror Alerts: More Media Confusion As to How We Got Confused

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The Washington Post reports in tomorrow’s edition that Americans have been confused by the recent terror alerts, and should expect more confusion in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The paper fails to mention its own prominent role in creating the confusion in the first place.

UPDATE: As always, similar (but more detailed) sentiments from Cori Dauber.

Every day for the last three days I have done a post on this general topic, and every day I look over there and she has a parallel post, independently complaining about the same articles for the same reasons. Cracks me up.

Liberals vs. The First Amendment

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This is one of the most outrageous things I have heard about in quite some time.

Another Study on Racial Disparities

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On National Public Radio yesterday, I heard a piece (available here) about a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding racial disparities in medical care. I heard absolutely no indication in the NPR piece that the study controlled for variables (such as poverty) that could explain the results in a non-racial way. If this is true, then the study is worse than useless. Like so many other flawed studies of racial disparities, it is pointlessly polarizing.


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I just saw this L.A. Times correction from July 30:

An article in Monday’s Calendar section referred to the documentary “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism” as “a scathing critique of the conservative Fox News.” It should have said that Fox News is widely perceived as conservative.

I’d have loved to hear the debate over this correction.

NYT: Who’s Confusing You? Certainly Not Us!

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A New York Times previous post on this issue, and all the links contained therein, it’s clear who was primarily responsible for the confusion: the media.

Actually, I wasn’t cynical on Tuesday, because I had read the news reports carefully. But the headlines and ledes were misleading in the extremeincluding those from the NYT. It’s more than a little annoying to see that paper’s editors whining about confusion now, when they were responsible for so much of the confusion over the last couple of days.

UPDATE: More from Cori Dauber.

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