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Ridiculous Government Policy Not Debunked

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Among the issues raised by the recent “Terror in the Skies” article, by Annie Jacobsen, arguably the most frightening is that the U.S. government has told airlines not to give additional security screening to more than three people of the same ethnicity on the same flight. Back in April, I noted this disturbing allegation, the existence of which emerged from the 9/11 Commission hearings.

Now a blogger is purporting to have debunked this charge, by linking to this pathetically under-researched article at, by someone named Kathy Gill. I first saw this alleged “debunking” in this post at Winds of Change.

However, the alleged “debunking” is nothing of the sort. The poor research of Gill’s article is an embarrassment, as I demonstrate below.

This policy is no urban legend. The available evidence shows that the Justice Department has told the airlines not to give additional screening to more than three or more Arabs on the same flight. This evidence, taken together with the numerous discrimination lawsuits filed by the federal government against the airlines — and settled to the tune of millions of dollars — shows that the federal government is actively working against common-sense measures in airport security.

Here are the details (many of which were originally provided by someone named “Geoffrey” in comments to the “debunking” post linked above):

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