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More on Yesterday’s Times Editorial on Berger

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I have another point to make about that Los Angeles Times editorial I discussed yesterday — the one which positively asserts (without evidence) that the leak came from the Bush Administration, and also asserts (apparently without clear evidence) that Berger took only copies.

The editorial states:

Indeed, it’s striking that Berger’s accusers have yet to supply a motive for his actions.

Meanwhile, a New York Times article published on the same day states:

Republicans accused him of stashing the material in his clothes on purpose. They have offered theories about what that purpose may have been, like an effort to withhold information that reflected badly on the Clinton administration.

Someone lock all these guys in a closet and see if they can get their stories straight.

Of course, the validity of the Republicans’ accusations may well turn on whether Berger took original documents — the very issue that the Times editors have already reached a firm conclusion about, based on apparently infirm evidence.

More on Whether Berger Took Copies or Originals

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Yesterday I asked whether Los Angeles Times editors erred by asserting with confidence that Sandy Berger took only copies of classified documents.

The sometimes perspicacious and always vitriolic Bob Somerby, a former roommate and current staunch defender of Al Gore’s, generally advances positions favoring the left. However, he possesses a greater degree of intellectual honesty than does your average liberal. Today he admits that it remains unclear whether Sandy Berger took originals or copies:

Several readers wrote to say that the jury’s still out on the matter of Sandy Berger’s “copies.” Many news orgs have said that Berger only worked with copies of documents, not the originals. Readers have said that this isn’t clear yet. As far as we know, they are right.

I am one of the many readers who wrote Somerby yesterday on this issue, after he claimed that Berger had taken only copies. I am glad he has reconsidered the conclusiveness of the evidence — which I discussed yesterday in some detail.

I think this is a critical issue. It’s the difference between mere incredible sloppiness, and a potential cover-up. Isn’t that an important distinction?

I’ll stay on this issue. Meanwhile, if you readers learn anything definitive, please leave a comment.

Council Winners

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The Council Has Spoken. Congratulations to The SmarterCop for the winning Council entry, Government Health Hell Care, and to Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters for his excellent post, Gray Lady Spins It Hard For Kerry, Berger, which was the winning non-Council entry.

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