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Found: Proof That the World Is Flat

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Some dude e-mailed me pretending to offer $200 to the first person who could e-mail him proof that Joe Wilson lied. The “offer” is on his blog.

In follow-up posts, commenters posted several unrefuted forms of proof. The guy said that they must be e-mailed, not posted on his blog for the world to see their truth.

I e-mailed him a link to my blog, saying that he should read the past couple of weeks. He wrote back to accuse me of not sending him any links.

I responded by saying that, if he was too lazy to find the Joe Wilson posts on my blog, I’d send him the permalinks to several individual entries. I included examples of such permalinks.

He responded by saying he wasn’t going to read them. Then he mocked me for supposedly failing to meet his challenge.

In response to one example I gave, he made a false argument based on his misreading of a news story. No wonder he doesn’t want to have this debate publicly, in the comments section of his blog, huh?

Don’t get me wrong: I knew this “offer” was phony from the start. But it’s been fun proving it.

I would now like to announce my own contest: $200 to the first person who can e-mail me proof that the earth is round. Sufficiency of proof to be determined by me, in my sole discretion. This means: no obviously forged photographs from space, or made-up stories of flying or sailing around the world!

Incidentally, my first response to this clown included this very challenge. He has failed even to attempt to meet it. Too bad; I could help defray the cost of all those $200 checks he should be writing.

I guess the world is flat after all!

UPDATE: Right-wing ideologue Kevin Drum catalogues some of Joe Wilson’s lies here.

Kevin’s post is a view from the left, of course, and is very kind to Wilson and dismissive of the implications of his lies — but Drum nevertheless concludes that Wilson lied.

Take Your Pick

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Which do you think is a more appropriate reaction by the L.A. Times to Arnold’s “girlie men” comment?

This humorless editorial, which makes the argument that the comment is “insulting to all women”?

Or this piece?

UPDATE: Thanks to Mrs. Spoons for favoring this post today.

Bob Somerby Rips Into Joe Wilson

Filed under: 2004 Election — Patterico @ 12:28 am

The title of Somerby’s post is: I never claimed to debunk Bush’s claim, Wilson says. We warned you about this last year. Great stuff.

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