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Sandy Berger: He’s Just Happy to See You

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Raise your hand if you stuck classified documents in your pants today.

And the L.A. Times puts this in the “In Brief” section today.

As a reader wrote Glenn Reynolds:

In Brief indeed, though I had always thought it was plural, “briefs.”

Surely the Times will wake up and have a bigger story on this tomorrow?!

Rumor Mill

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Rumor has it that the opinion section of this coming Sunday’s L.A. Times will have a feature on bloggers.

I haven’t been contacted by the paper myself. So how do I know?

I have my sources.

Will it be a hit piece on conservative bloggers?

Only time will tell . . .

Terror in the Skies, Part II

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That story about the 14 Syrian terrorists (or musicians) is revisited here.

Good News From Iraq

Filed under: War — Patterico @ 6:42 am

More good news from Iraq.

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