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Tim Rutten Distorts, You Decide

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Tim Rutten — a man so far to the left that he once uttered the phrase “the mythology of liberal Hollywood” without a trace of irony — is now waging a one-man war on alternatives to the liberal mainstream media.

Two weeks ago, Rutten mocked the Fox News Channel, calling it “the most blatantly biased major American news organization since the era of yellow journalism.”

On Saturday, Rutten took some cheap potshots at pro-war bloggers — including Roger L. Simon, and some unnamed critics of the L.A. Times‘s woefully deficient coverage of the implosion of Joe Wilson’s credibility. (As Rutten no doubt knows, yours truly has been one of the more prominent of these unnamed critics of the Times.) See, some of us had the gall to point out that papers like Rutten’s L.A. Times had trumpeted Wilson’s allegations on their front pages — but then remained silent for days after the recent bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report had shattered Wilson’s credibility.

How dare we!

In classic L.A. Times style, Rutten commits the exact crimes of which he accuses his opponents: inaccuracy, distortion, and a lack of civility.

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