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Pete Townshend the Latest to Call Michael Moore a Liar

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First Fred Barnes said Michael Moore made up a story about him out of whole cloth.

Then Tom Daschle denied Moore’s claim that Daschle had hugged him, saying he had never ever met him. (Daschle, ever the loyal Democrat, offered the excuse that Moore must have mixed up Daschle with another diminutive Senator from South Dakota with the initials “T.D.” who resembles the ventriloquist dummy from the film “Magic.”)

Now Pete Townshend joins the chorus of famous people who say Moore is slurring their name and making up facts about them.

Does Michael Moore ever tell the truth about anybody?

(Rhetorical question alert.)

(Thanks to Tim Blair.)

UPDATE: I added the words “with the initials T.D.” to the post, for the benefit of those who didn’t otherwise get the joke.

On the Front Page of Today’s L.A. Times

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A front-page story in this morning’s Los Angeles Times reports that America went to war based on faulty information: information that understated the extent of the threat faced by Americans. The story makes it clear that — according to up-to-date information just published by a committee studying the issue — America must, if anything, escalate its previous efforts in order to have any chance at victory.

However, the war in question is the war on cholesterol.

You didn’t think the Times would say something like that about Iraq, did you??

Meanwhile, the paper continues its blackout of the recent stunning revelations that Joe Wilson is a liar. Yesterday, the paper devoted front-page space to the topic of counting fish.

The cholesterol bombshell didn’t break until today.

Self-Promotion Department

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For the second time (the first time was mentioned here), John Leo of U.S. News and World Report has quoted Patterico.

And for the second time, I am a faceless blogger in Leo’s column. Sigh.

Leo’s previous column referred to me as “[o]ne amused blogger.” This time, apparently, “we are not amused,” as Leo refers to me simply as “[o]ne blogger”:

One blogger wrote: “Bremer’s farewell address had been common knowledge among readers of Internet blogs since at least June 30,” four days before the [Los Angeles] Times criticized Bremer for having given no speech.

This is a direct quote from my July 8, 2004 post regarding the L.A. Times‘s correction of its front-page mistake regarding the Bremer speech.

In the next section of his piece, Leo highlights my complaints about the L.A. Times‘s description of Ayad Allawi — a description which ignored poll results that had been available for days. As Leo explains:

The Times’s negativity about Iraq seems to leak out fairly frequently. A June 29 report depicted the new prime minister, Ayad Allawi, as obscure and unpopular: “little-known to most Iraqis after spending more than three decades in exile . . . . Many Iraqis have questioned the interim government’s legitimacy.” But four days earlier, the Washington Post reported that a large majority of Iraqis knew very well who Allawi was and backed him with confidence. Citing a survey commissioned by U.S. officials in Iraq and conducted by an independent pollster, the Post said 70 percent of Iraqis were familiar with their new leaders and 73 percent approved of Allawi to head the new government. Allawi had been appearing in the Iraqi media frequently, visiting sites and generating optimism. The poll was not reported in the Los Angeles Times, possibly because the poll was positive about the war and the Times is not. What’s new about the press is that so many people who follow it with a critical eye now have an outlet to howl about inaccuracy and partisanship. The big media used to be able to shrug off critics like this. Now they can’t.

Leo’s observations here appear to be based on my June 30, 2004 post making these exact points (points I haven’t seen made anywhere else on the internet).

I hope you’ll forgive my taking pleasure seeing my observations communicated to the huge readership of U.S. News and World Report. Now, if I can just get John Leo to publish my blog address . . .

Hey, John! It’s

By the way, it’s likely that Mr. Leo saw my posts on the group blog to which I contribute: Oh, That Liberal Media. That blog is much more trafficked than my personal blog, no doubt due to the wide range of talent on display there. If you’re a Patterico reader and you’re not reading that blog, you are missing out. Visit it today.

P.S. Don’t take any of my tongue-in-cheek comments (about being “faceless”) the wrong way. I am thrilled that Leo is reading my posts, and doubly thrilled (and honored) that he is following up on any of the points I have made. Obviously, I think it matters what the press is saying (and not saying). It’s great to have a guy like John Leo who is also paying attention to this critical issue.

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