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Watch This Now

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I said now.

(Via Spoons.)

Joseph Wilson: Liar

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To the list of proven liars who have criticized Bush (e.g. Dick Clarke), add the name Joseph Wilson. As Power Line reports, Wilson lied about the contents of his report to the CIA, lied about whether his wife recommended him for the Niger trip, and dissembled about whether he (and his wife) ever took seriously the allegations of a Niger-uranium connection.

When you put this together with the Financial Times‘s confirmation of the Niger-uranium story, we shouldn’t be hearing much more about the infamous “sixteen words” this election season.

Captain Ed the Time-Saver

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I was going to write a post about how the NAACP and other “civil rights organizations” were all up in arms about Dick Riordan insulting a young black girl — until they learned the girl he had insulted was actually white. But it turns out that Captain Ed has already written the post I wanted to write. Thanks, Ed! That sure saved me a lot of time.

My favorite part of the story is the fact that the organizer of the protest, Democratic state Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally, had been quoting as asking:

Would he [Riordan] have done that to a white girl?”

I guess he would have!

Now that it turns out she’s white, all protests are cancelled, and it’s okay for Riordan to stay in office. As Captain Ed asks: “So Dymally has no problem leaving Riordan in office as long as he’s only insulting white kids? Who’s the racist here, anyway?”

Justin Levine Out-Analyzes Erwin Chemerinsky

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Nobody who reads Justin Levine regularly, or who listens to (or reads) Erwin Chemerinsky regularly, would be surprised by this: when the two recently disagreed over the validity of the libel suit against Arnold, the one who turned out to be right was Justin.

Barbara Boxer: Al Qaeda Rail Bombings in Madrid a “Rail Accident”

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Hugh Hewitt says:

Today, on the floor of the United States Senate, Barbara Boxer referred to the Madrid bombings as a “rail accident.” Honest. A rail accident. Boxer is a Senate accident. What an embarrassment.

I posed the question to my audience: How much money could Boxer lose in a Jeopardy game, assuming that, in her typical fashion, she obnoxiously buzzed in first every time and, also in typical fashion, she got everything wrong. The best calculation seems to be $58,000. Let me know if that’s a correct analysis.

Heh. Captain Ed says Hugh played the clip of Boxer’s ridiculous comment on his radio show.

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