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L.A. Times Correction Watch

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The L.A. Times today runs a column by Dana Parsons titled: Stop The Presses — Sometimes We Goof. When I read the headline, I thought: Wow — is someone at the paper acknowledging that the paper was wrong to claim on its front page that Paul Bremer left Iraq “without even giving a final speech to the country”?

Nah. Turns out Parsons is referring to the New York Post‘s screw-up yesterday, in which it proclaimed Dick Gephardt to be Kerry’s VP nominee. The piece is mostly sympathetic to the Post, but the message is still more like: “Stop The Presses — Sometimes They Goof.”

Meanwhile, rather than correct a glaring error that appeared recently on its front page, the L.A. Times has recently issued these corrections instead:

Binchotan — An article about barbecuing in the June 30 Food section said binchotan wood originated in China. It is from Japan. It also incorrectly stated that the wood could be purchased from Nishimoto Trading Co., a wholesale distributor. The wood is available retail at Marukai Market, 1740 W. Artesia Blvd., Gardena, (310) 660-6300.

Year built — A Hot Property item in the June 27 Real Estate section on original Mouseketeer Judy Harriet misspelled her last name as Harriett. Also, the article said Harriet’s Studio City home was built in 1952. It was built in 1972.

Restaurant location — A review of Norman’s in last week’s Food section incorrectly gave the restaurant’s address as Los Angeles. The restaurant is in West Hollywood.

Appellation location — The June 16 Wine of the Week column in the Food section said Bandol is south of Marseille. It is east of Marseille.

Glad we got all that cleared up. Now can we get to the real corrections?

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