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The first two search results say it all.

In case the results change, here’s the screen shot for posterity:

Burying the Good News — and the Need for the Good News

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A front-page article in today’s Los Angeles Times, titled Doubts and Duty Tug at Marines, lays out this sad observation — on page A8:

The small, incremental gains that Marines believe, or hope, they are making in Iraq are not being acknowledged at home.

This is a nearly universal point of view among these infantry Marines at Al Asad. It is voiced not just in interviews, but also in casual conversations among themselves, often short-handed this way: “The media doesn’t get it.”

But the Times reporter seems to assure us that Marines are wrong to think so:

The cliche comes easy, but the thoughts behind it are more complicated. In truth, Marines here have an exceedingly narrow window on the news: a morning BBC report on the chow hall television and random, usually stale, periodicals.

If only these Marines they had consistent access to up-to-date periodicals — like the L.A. Times, for instance — Marines would no doubt be proud to see how well their good acts are publicized.

Just not on the front page.

A Little Insight into the Mind of a Washington Post Editor

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Armed Liberal passes along this transcript of an online discussion with Washington Post Associate Editor Robert G. Kaiser, regarding the Kerry-Edwards ticket.

One exchange that is worth highlighting:

Delray Beach, Fla.: On a related topic, is it important for “W” to keep Cheney on the ticket as a proxy for his brother Jeb, so Jeb can run in 2008? That’s the rumor here in Florida.

Robert G. Kaiser: So that Jeb can then turn the country over to the Saudi royal family?

Ten bucks says this guy self-describes as a “moderate.”

UPDATE: Some commenters at “Oh, That Liberal Media” argue that he may have been joking, and he may well have been. What’s disconcerting is that you can’t tell for sure.

New York Post: “Kerry Picks Gephardt”

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The New York Post reports:

John Kerry has chosen Rep. Richard Gephardt, the veteran congressman from Missouri, to be his running mate . . .

Meanwhile, everybody else reports that Kerry picked Edwards — because he did.

This is almost as embarrassing as that Post editorial bemoaning a Yankee loss that was actually a Yankee win.

Memo to Post editors: Defend yourself with a cartoon showing Kerry saying: “I picked Gephardt before I picked Edwards!”

Or, just admit you made another colossal mistake, and stop making them already.

UPDATE: They already took the page down! But here is a screenshot:

Council Winners

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The weekly winners have been announced. Congratulations to The SmarterCop for the winning council entry, Compendium of ‘Fahrenheit 911′ Lies, Mistruths, and Exaggerations, and to BuzzMachine for the winning non-Council entry, Fahrenheit 411 — Watching Michael Moore.

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