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Scrappleface Scores Again

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Scrappleface reports: To Balance Ticket, Kerry Names Self as VP.

Los Angeles Times Reporter Defends the Indefensible

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This is a follow-up to my post yesterday, in which I noted that the Los Angeles Times had falsely claimed on its front page that Paul Bremer had failed to give a farewell speech to Iraq — and implied that this alleged failure was due to cowardice:

L. Paul Bremer III, the civilian administrator for Iraq, left without even giving a final speech to the country — almost as if he were afraid to look in the eye the people he had ruled for more than a year.

Although I rarely write the Reader’s Representative any more, having been frustrated too many times in the past with her usually stubborn refusal to acknowledge a mistake by the paper, I did write her about this one. My e-mail, sent yesterday, read as follows:

Your paper reports today in a front-page news analysis that Paul Bremer didn’t give a farewell speech. It then suggests that Bremer was afraid
to give such a speech.

Better tell the folks at the San Francisco Chronicle. They quoted from the farewell speech the Times says Bremer didn’t give.

Better tell the Iraqi bloggers who thought they had seen a speech by Bremer — and were even moved by it.

Patrick Frey (aka Patterico)

I have not heard back from her; I will let you know when I do. However, I am not optimistic, based on the response that another blogger has received on the same issue.

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