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Tim Blair on Saddam

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Tim Blair on Saddam Hussein:

Would it kill him to smile once or twice? Nobody likes a frowny dictator.

Those Aussies have a way with words.

Critics on F9/11 and the Passion

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Check out this comparison of reviews of “Fahrenheit 9/11″ and “Passion of the Christ” by the same reviewers.

For example, Eric Harrison from the Houston Chronicle says:

F9/11: (Moore) is an indispensable treasure, and his imperfections are part of the reason, because they mark him as real.

Passion: It’s awful because everything he knows about storytelling has been swept aside by proselytizing zeal.

There’s plenty more like that.

The Trial of the Century

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Your local Dog Trainer reports: Defiant Hussein Rejects War Crimes Charges.

“It’s going to be the trial of the century,” [Iraqi] National Security Adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie told Associated Press Television News.

Let’s hope it goes better than the last one.

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