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Initiatives Numbered . . . Start the Chant: NO ON 66!

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Dan Weintraub says the initiatives have been numbered — 59 through 72. The one you will hear me talk most about here is 66 — the dangerous pig-in-a-poke initiative designed to water down the Three Strikes law. (For information on this horrible initiative, see my posts on the issue.)

(Hat tip: Xrlq.)

More on Moore the Moron

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The SmarterCop has the most compendious compendium yet of lies and distortions in “Fahrenheit 9/11.”

Emily Latella Temporarily Seizes Control of the Blog

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I won’t pay money to see “Fahrenheit 9/11.” But I’ll tell you what I will pay to see: a heavyweight bruiser named Eliseo Castillo kicking Michael Moore’s ass.

You heard right. I saw an ad for it on TV. For some bizarre reason, probably having to do with his incessant quest for publicity, Michael Moore has agreed to a boxing match with someone named Eliseo Castillo. The fight will be held on Saturday, July 3, and will air on Showtime.

It seems almost certain that Moore will be pummeled into a quivering mass of bruised and bleeding flesh by the time you and I are ready to celebrate our country’s birthday. According to Castillo’s biography:

In 18 pro outings, Castillo has knocked out 78 percent of his opponents (14). The list of fighters who have gone the distance against him is as exclusive as the number of presidents on Mount Rushmore (four). In addition, the world has more living Popes (one) than boxers who have defeated Castillo (zero).

That fat lying bastard of a “documentary” maker doesn’t stand a chance.

I don’t believe in making threats against public figures I don’t like, but this is different. Moore has volunteered for this fight, and it is my right — even my duty — to root for Eliseo Castillo to punch Michael Moore’s pasty white ass into the ground.

I’m calling to subscribe to Showtime right now.

Wait . . . I’m being handed a piece of paper. One moment . . .

Uh, I’ve just been informed that Castillo is really fighting a guy named Michael Moorer.

Never mind.

Council Winners

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The weekly winners of the Watcher’s Council contest have been announced. I am honored to have won the vote for best Council entry, with Who Are You Going to Believe? Me, or Your Lying Transcript?. Congratulations to Protest Warrior HQ for the winning non-Council entry — a truly remarkable post by a high school student chronicling his battle against PC morons at his school. The post is titled Operation Tiger Claw — Debriefing.

Adorable Pictures of Cute Babies Who May Be Legally Murdered

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The BBC has this fascinating article about babies — I’m sorry, “fetuses” — and the very human acts that they perform shockingly early in their development. The story is accompanied by a set of remarkable 3-D ultrasound pictures of the bab, uh, “fetuses” from 8 weeks on.

Every time you see one of these pictures, think to yourself: it’s perfectly legal to pull babies just like these partially out of the womb, and murder them with a sharp instrument puncturing their little skulls. No more toe-sucking or yawning for them!

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