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Wherein I Defend Michael Moore’s Right to Speak, and Other Topics Raised by Kevin Murphy

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The always-valuable Kevin Murphy has two good excellent posts today that I would like to highlight.

One finds an inaccurate and biased headline in an AP article (if you can believe that): “Court Denounces Bush on Terror Suspects.” The accompanying article predictably contains no evidence of said denouncing.

Kevin’s second post notes that the advisory counsel for the FEC has advised the Commission that, in his opinion, the McCain-Feingold law prevents Michael Moore from advertising his film “Fahrenheit 9/11″ after July 30, 2004.

I am not joking.

I’ll bet a lot of you thought I was being hysterical when I equated McCain-Feingold with the repeal of the First Amendment. How do you feel now? — now that there is a serious possibility that a filmmaker cannot advertise his film because it contains speech calculated to encourage people to oppose a sitting president?

I despise Michael Moore. But people like Kevin Murphy and me believe that jerks like Michael Moore have the right to make whatever ridiculous arguments they wish to make. And if those arguments are made in a film, and Moore or the distributor of his film wish to promote that film, they have that right under the First Amendment.

The irony is that, if the FEC adopts this position, it will be seen as a partisan move by “The Bush Administration” rather than as a logical application of a clearly unconstitutional law passed mainly by Democrats. (By the way, the phrase “it will be seen as” means “it will be portrayed by our eminently objective national media as.”)

Prediction Regarding the Upcoming Coverage of the Turnover of Power in Iraq

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It will be interesting to see how the press handles coverage of the turnover of sovereignty in Iraq in the upcoming week, as the terrorists supposedly opposing U.S. rule desperately try to create chaos, to prevent . . . the end of U.S. rule. My prediction: more headlines making claims that are not supported by the articles themselves. All in the best L.A. Times tradition.

UPDATE: The surprise turnover will throw a monkey wrench into the works. Although done to fool the terrorists, it has the side effect of fooling the newspapers, who don’t have the expected two more days to prepare fact-distorting articles on the transition.

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