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Back from Vacation

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Yup, as that last post suggests, I’m back from vacation (just a long weekend) and am ready to resume regular blogging duties.

I met a couple of friends in San Antonio and Austin for the long weekend. Ironically, the visit apparently cost me a chance to appear on TV. Just as I was walking out the door on Thursday afternoon to catch my flight, I checked my e-mail and saw an invitation from someone who said they were with the Fox News Channel Los Angeles Bureau. They wanted to tape an on-camera interview with me regarding the Los Angeles Times. However, they wanted to do it Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, which I was unable to do because I was leaving town.

It was worth it. It’s always good to see old friends. And I got to see my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew, as well as my friends (and the child of one of my friends). And I got to tromp around some of my old haunts in Austin, where I went to law school. Fun stuff.

Thanks to those who left comments and kept the site somewhat lively while I was gone.

Jarvis Rips Moore

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I’m not going to waste my time on Michael Moore, which means I’m not going to spend a lot of time debunking his latest piece of crap and collecting links that do the same. Luckily, Jeff Jarvis has already done it.

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