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NYT: Administration Didn’t Lie Regarding Saddam/Al Qaeda Ties

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Here is the half-assed admission by the NYT — in a pop-up graphic. (Via Instapundit.)

Shocking News: Objective Study on Media Bias Shows Media is Leftist

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Often, when I discuss media bias, leftists tell me that my observations result from a “selection bias” — in other words, I see liberal media bias because I am a conservative, just as a liberal would supposedly see conservative media bias.

My usual response is that leftist accusations of conservative media bias are scant and unconvincing. For example, nobody has ever answered my challenge to find examples of pro-conservative bias on abortion, gun control, race issues, religion, criminal justice, homosexual rights, or similar culture-war issues in the New York Times, Washington Post, or the Los Angeles Times. Eric Alterman couldn’t come up with such examples in an entire book devoted to debunking the notion of the liberal media.

But my liberal friends are undaunted. They tell me that the only thing that would really prove media bias is a careful study that objectively analyzes the mainstream media for a liberal or conservative slant.

Well, guess what? I am just today learning about such a study, by two professors from respected schools, which finds a significant liberal bias in the mainstream media. Here are the details:

L.A. Times Editorial Writers: Pseudo-Experts on Everything

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Xrlq has an excellent post taking apart an L.A. Times editorial about Clarence Thomas’s opinion on the Pledge case.

One of the most insufferable things about these editorial writers is that they act like they’re experts on everything, when in truth they have only the most superficial knowledge of many topics — as Xrlq’s post shows.

UPDATE: For more thoughtful analysis of the issue, see this post by the Curmudgeonly Clerk.

9/11 Commissioners on “Meet the Press”

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Just watched “Meet the Press,” with 9/11 Commission members John Lehman and Democrat partisan hack Richard Ben-Veniste commenting on the staff report. The highlights were that both of them clarified that the sentence in the staff report about the lack of “collaborative relationship” between Iraq and Al Qaeda referred to collaboration in planning specific terrorist attacks against the United States. Lehman specifically said that there is substantial evidence that Iraqi intelligence and Al Qaeda members did collaborate on weapons development. Also, they both alluded to the apparent existence of evidence of Iraq/Al Qaeda ties known to Vice-President Cheney but unknown to the commissioners, including the possibility (recently discovered) that one of Hussein’s Fedayeen members was actually an Al Qaeda associate or member.

Forget the Video of Paul Johnson’s Murder

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I agree with Xrlq. When I did a post about the video of Nick Berg’s murder, I received an avalanche of traffic, and the post received (to date) 106 comments — mostly from people who are complete idiots. I have no desire to repeat the experience, so I don’t think I’ll be linking to the video of Paul Johnson’s murder.

I’m with Xrlq, though — find us a video of the death of Johnson’s murderer Abid al-Aziz al-Muqrin, and I’m all over it.

UPDATE: How about a picture? That’s the best I can do right now:

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