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Media Lies: Too Many to Catalogue

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There is so much distortion of the 9/11 Commission’s staff report from yesterday that it is impossible to catalogue it all. So I won’t even try. Dozens of other bloggers have done so, and will continue to do so. Suffice it to say that the staff report does not deny any connection between Iraq/Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda. And the Bush Administration has never claimed that Saddam was involved in 9/11, so the staff report does not “refute” or “rebuke” or “contradict” any such non-existent Administration claim.

Any news report that says otherwise is a lie. And that’s about all of them.


Our Failure to Address the Nuclear Threat

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If you stop and think about it for a second, it’s clear that the threat of nuclear terrorism is the most significant issue facing the country. Period.

So I am distressed to learn that we appear to be doing little about it.

Yesterday, a colleague at work showed me a Newsweek opinion piece titled Tackle the Nuke Threat. Now, do I take everything in a Newsweek piece at face value? Of course not. Still, it makes some points that appear credible and difficult to ignore, regarding the most significant threat the country faces.

The author sets forth a number of suggestions, most of which we are not doing, such as:

  • Secure the former Soviet Union’s arsenal and destroy what is supposed to be destroyed.
  • Stop using highly enriched uranium in research reactors.
  • Ban new enrichment and reprocessing.
  • Allow the International Atomic Energy Agency to check that all states with nuclear programs have strict safeguards and controls.

And from the “easier said than done” file:

  • Prevent Iran from gaining access to these materials and reverse North Korea’s nuclear program.

Even if you toss that last one out of the mix, there’s a lot we could be doing that we aren’t. This is a no-brainer, folks. The author of the piece says it would take $1 billion a year to deal with the nuclear threat fairly effectively. My reaction: that’s it? Even if he’s off by a factor of ten, it’s worth it. So what’s the holdup?

I am very, very upset about this. And I think this is John Kerry’s best issue. If John Kerry would do a better job with this — which is not unthinkable given how little Bush has done — that’s a significant factor for people to look at in deciding between Bush and Kerry.

Do you hear that, George W. Bush? If someone like me is saying that, that should concern you. Wake up and start doing something about this problem. Now.

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