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Schiavo Case Headed to Vaunted Florida Supremes

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The Terri Schiavo case is headed for the Florida Supreme Court.

Ah, the Florida Supreme Court. I have every bit as much respect for that fine institution as this guy does. They’ll do the right thing. They always do.

Unscam: Who Will Investigate the Investigators?

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Those who doubt media bias, look no further than the media’s burial of the UNSCAM story. Today’s entry, from Instapundit, is the revelation that the guy charged with rooting out corruption may be . . . corrupt.

Will this be as big a story as the Democratic diplomats who are against Bush? Somehow, I doubt it.

Captain Ed Gets the Washington Post

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In this post, Captain Ed catches the editors of the Washington Post making false statements about Bush’s record. In this editorial yesterday, the Post editors stated:

IN THE 2000 campaign, George W. Bush maintained a studiously moderate stance on social issues. Once he assumed office in January 2001, he betrayed that position and delighted his right-wing base by attaching antiabortion conditions to foreign assistance.

The editors’ argument that Bush had flip-flopped is a complete fabrication, as Captain Ed shows; during his campaign, Bush had explicitly supported a prohibition on abortion-related counseling or care by non-governmental organizations overseas receiving U.S. funds.

The editors even fault Bush for fighting forced abortions in China!

Read the whole thing.

Blogroll Additions: Malkin and Say Uncle

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Say hello to the newest additions to the blogroll:

Michelle Malkin

Say Uncle.

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