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Vocabulary Test

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This is a fairly difficult vocabulary test. My score was 173. Not particularly great. I guessed on a lot of them. I should have studied Greek.

(Via Bigwig and Michele.)

A Tale of Two Letters

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Bias doesn’t get much clearer than this. The lead story in today’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer trumpets a letter, written by 26 former diplomats, calling for the defeat of President George W. Bush. On the front page, the story goes out of its way to suggest that the letter is a bipartisan effort. The editors save for the back pages (or entirely omit) significant evidence suggesting that the signatories are partisan Democrats. Not one word of the Bush perspective appears on the front page. It’s all on page A26, safely out of the view of the average reader.

The Dog Trainer‘s prominent and sympathetic treatment of this letter stands in marked contrast to its coverage of a letter that was released in May by hundreds of former military men, many of whom served with John Kerry, questioning Kerry’s honesty and fitness to serve as Commander-in-Chief. The letter, which was signed by every officer in Kerry’s chain of command in Vietnam, was buried by the Dog Trainer in stories appearing on pages A21 and A20. In the little coverage the paper did provide, the stories ignored the central accusations of the letter, and gave prominent play to the spin that the letter was a partisan hit job.

Here are the details:

The Power of the Jump™

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(Note: this post and the post immediately below it, both of which deal with the same topic, have been combined into a single more comprehensible post. I have saved the original post for posterity, in the extended comment section, but I recommend you read the combined post instead.)

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