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Extra! Democrats Sign Letter Condemning Bush!

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(Note: this post and the post immediately above it, both of which deal with the same topic, have been combined into a single more comprehensible post. I have saved the original post for posterity, in the extended comment section, but I recommend you read the combined post instead.)

For the O’Reilly Haters

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Courtesy of my brother-in-law comes this screen shot, which caused my brother-in-law to think that Bill O’Reilly was retiring.

Council Winners

Filed under: Watcher's Council — Patterico @ 12:28 pm

The weekly winners were announced here. Congratulations to INDC Journal for winning the Council vote a second week in a row, with the impressive entry INDC Journal Interviews Michael Berg. Congratulations to fellow Bear Flagger Tonecluster for the winning non-Council entry, Rant.

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