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Poll: Three Strikes Initiative Overwhelmingly Popular with Misinformed Voters

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This post is for those naive souls who have told me that they didn’t think the dangerous upcoming Three Strikes initiative was likely to pass.

This is one time I’d like to be wrong, but I’m not. Allow me a small, mordant chuckle as I tell you: the Field Poll today released the results of a poll regarding the likely success of this initiative. Voters overwhelmingly favor the initiative — 76% in favor to 14% against.

How can this be? The answer is simple: people don’t understand what the initiative is going to do. The initiative is a pig in a poke — bankrolled by a rich guy trying to get his son out of prison quick, and chock-full of frightening loopholes written by eager defense attorneys. Many dangerous real-life criminals will be released if it passes. However, even the pollsters don’t understand what the initiative is going to do — so they misrepresent the effect of the initiative to the people answering the poll questions.

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