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How to Tell If Someone Is a Defense Lawyer

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How do you tell if someone is a defense lawyer? Well, you can’t for sure . . . but it’s a decent bet if they say (with an apparent straight face) that O.J., Scott Peterson, Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Skakel, Louise Woodward, and the parents of JonBenet Ramsey are all innocent.

Even some of the leftist commenters are astounded.

NYT Editors vs. Mikhail Gorbachev on the End of the Cold War

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Does Ronald Reagan deserve credit for the end of the Cold War? The New York Times editors say no. Mikhail Gorbachev says yes. Who are you gonna go with?

(Via Professor Bainbridge.)

INDC Journal Scores Again

Filed under: Terrorism — Patterico @ 6:02 am

INDC Journal has another amazing post this week, titled INDC Journal Interviews Michael Berg. Great stuff; well worth checking out.

Blogroll Additions

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Go visit these blogs, which I have added to my blogroll:

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