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WWII Memorial at INDC Journal

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Wow. If you want a good example of what blogs are capable of, look at these two posts (here and here) at INDC Journal regarding the World War II memorial. The two posts taken together are an amazing tribute to WWII vets. It’s incredible what a blogger can do when armed with a digital camera and real eloquence.

Another Maddeningly Cutesy Dog Trainer Editorial

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Today there is yet another infuriatingly cutesy L.A. Times editorial in the third position. Today’s topic: alliteration.

Alert: Alliteration is fun, frequently funny. But alliteration is awfully addictive. Alliterations accumulate until awe and ennui entwine.

Fire. This. Person. Now.

Washington Post Journalist Fails to Read Blogs, Gets Egg on Face as Direct Result

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There has been a lot of discussion lately about the influence of blogs on journalism. Well, it appears that the influence of blogs hasn’t been great enough. In particular, the Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank could have avoided an awkward misrepresentation if he had simply read one of the nation’s premier blogs (The Volokh Conspiracy) last week.

As most people know, Jacob Weisberg of the online magazine Slate has a regular feature called “Bushisms” which recounts supposed verbal gaffes by President Bush. Sometimes the Bushisms are funny, but sometimes Weisberg is simply misleading and dishonest in the way he portrays Bush’s words.

Apparently the Post‘s Milbank is a big fan of the “Bushisms” feature. At the end of a piece that appeared in the Washington Post two days ago, Milbank recycled a recent example of one of the more misleading “Bushisms,” as follows:

The Quotable Bush

“I’m honored to shake the hand of a brave Iraqi citizen who had his hand cut off by Saddam Hussein.”

— President Bush, meeting Iraqi amputees at the White House on May 25.

Ha, ha — except that, as Eugene Volokh pointed out a week ago:

Bush was holding a ceremony involving several Iraqi men who had their severed hands replaced with high-tech prosthetics. In the course of doing so, he said he was honored to shake hands with one of the men . . . . Quite possibly the reference to shaking hands was a deliberate way to stress the attempt to make these people as whole as possible.

In other words, there was nothing funny or embarrassing about what Bush said — whatsoever. The only embarrassing thing was that the Washington Post allowed one of its most well-known staffers to mock Bush without performing even 60 seconds of research to learn the context of Bush’s statement.

If actual research is too difficult for you, Mr. Milbank, you might try reading some blogs. It might save you some embarrassment next time around.

(Hat tip to Spinsanity and Glenn Reynolds.)

A Little Story About the Fair People at the Dog Trainer

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Today I’d like to explain one of the reasons that I think the Los Angeles Dog Trainer is an ideologically biased paper. To some extent, my story is a personal one. It’s rather long, but I think it’s worth your while. I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for some time.

The bottom line: the Dog Trainer gleefully repeated slanderous allegations about a judge for whom I clerked, in no fewer than sixteen separate stories printed over the course of five years. The paper never once mentioned the controversy without repeating the content of the false allegations — even in stories having nothing to do with the allegations. Meanwhile, the fact that a three-judge panel found the allegations baseless went unreported in virtually all the stories — as was the fact that the left-wing civil rights attorney who leveled the allegations has been disciplined more than once for ethical violations.

Here are the details:

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