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This Is A Scream

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Power Line has the Copy Editing Error of the Year Award, for this doozy from the Washington Times:

This series of occurrences (along with others) collectively paint a scenario eerily similar to that presented LBJ a generation and a half ago. We should be thankful George W. Bush does not appear to have become immobilized by self-doubt and uncertainty as did his Johnson in 1968.

Yes, we can all be thankful for that.

Disney Hall Concert

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Just got back from my last Disney Hall concert of the year: Brahms’ Second Symphony (among other pieces). Wow, what a job they did.

On the way back, we saw Staples Center from the freeway. It looks like the performer tonight was the artist formally known as the “artist formerly known as The Artist (Formerly Known as Prince).” I’m guessing a few more people attended his concert.

Spammer Sentenced to the Joint

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Eugene Volokh reports here that a spammer has been sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison.

My guess: he’s hoping he doesn’t run into anyone in prison whose penis he helped to enlarge.


More “Improvement” By L.A. Times Editors

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In the post immediately preceding this one, I praise an editor at the Los Angeles Times for improving a story. A commenter named Josh Persons pointed me to a story of an L.A. Times editor improving an article in a less admirable way: pinching a paragraph from the Washington Post.

How An Editor at the Los Angeles Times Improved a Story

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When you beat up a paper day in and day out, it’s only fair to note when it does something right.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to show you how an editor at the Los Angeles Times took a fairly biased story, and made it less biased.


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(Accepted Wisdom™ is a semi-regular feature of this site, highlighting contradictory viewpoints held by the elite.)

It is Accepted Wisdom™ that:

America is just as bad as Saddam. For example, Abu Ghraib under American occupation is like Abu Ghraib under Saddam. After all, at Abu Ghraib, “Saddam’s torture chamber reopened under new management.”

And at the same time:

Bush supporters should not defend American occupation by pointing out that Saddam was worse. The right has no business comparing Abu Ghraib under American occupation to Abu Ghraib under Saddam. Sure, it may have been worse under Saddam, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

The Terror Alert System Is Stupid

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Let’s look into the future, shall we? There will be another terrorist attack in this country. (Oh, you didn’t realize that? Well, there will be.)

And it’s a good bet that the terror threat level will not be at red at the moment the attack occurs.

So, in addition to the investigations about why Bush wasn’t able to prevent the attack, we’ll get investigations as to why we weren’t on red alert status.

This is all so incredibly predictable.

If Bush had deliberately set out to be blamed for the next terrorist attack, he couldn’t have done a much better job.

What a stupid mess. Whose idea was this system anyway?


Volokh Gets Weisberg — And Good

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Eugene Volokh does a great job exposing the frequently dishonest nature of Jacob Weisberg’s Bushisms. Today’s is a doozy.

Does Weisberg even read the stories he quotes from?

(Via Professor Bainbridge.)

Additions to Blogroll

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Added to the blogroll today are The National Debate and Tim Blair, two fabulous media watchdog sites that are featured (along with Patterico) on the OJR piece I mentioned earlier.

Also, welcome to new Bear Flag League member Raincross Conservative.

Dick Clarke: Liar Extraordinaire (Chapter 47)

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I suppose the leftists will see me as a shill for Bush by pointing out, once again, proof that Dick Clarke is a shameless liar. Remember when he testified before Congress that he had not approved those flights that whisked bin Laden family members out of the country? Here’s Clarke, then:

The request came to me, and I refused to approve it. I suggested that it be routed to the FBI and that the FBI look at the names of the individuals who were going to be on the passenger manifest and that they approve it or not. I spoke with the — at the time — No. 2 person in the FBI, Dale Watson, and asked him to deal with this issue. The FBI then approved…the flight.

We knew when he said this that it was a lie. What we didn’t know is that he would soon admit that it was a lie.

Here’s Clarke now, speaking of the very same flights in an interview with The Hill:

I take responsibility for it. I don’t think it was a mistake, and I’d do it again. It didn’t get any higher than me. On 9-11, 9-12 and 9-13, many things didn’t get any higher than me. I decided it in consultation with the FBI.

I’ve said it before (many, many times) and I’ll say it again: this guy’s credibility is zero.

A tip of the virtual hat to Power Line.

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