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Council Winners

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The winning entries in the last Council vote were announced here. Congratulations to The SmarterCop for the winning Council entry, A Splash of Water, and to Iraq the Model for the winning non-Council entry, Not in My City.

“John Kerry Sucks” Campaign Going Nicely

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My “John Kerry Sucks” campaign is going nicely. No, I have little of substance to say about John Kerry in this post. This is simply another mindless effort to boost my Google rankings for the search “John Kerry sucks” — a noble endeavor, I’m sure you’ll agree. I’m currently sixth — much better than last time. Number one, here I come!

Is this merely a pointless grab for visits? Not really. If you came here because you agree that John Kerry sucks, you are my kind of reader — and you will like this weblog.

Journalists? Liberal? Really?

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Juan Non-Volokh reports here that the Pew Research Center has released a study showing (yet again) that journalists are more liberal than the public at large:

Specifically, a higher percentage of journalists self-identify themselves as “liberal” than of the public at large. Perhaps more significantly, the Pew survey also finds that on certain issues, such as religion and homosexuality, journalists are far more liberal than then general public. Of course, no one would ever expect this to impact the way news is covered.

Certainly not.

In other news, a second Pew study shows that the Earth is round, and that the government’s habit of taxing its citizens is likely to continue.

P.S. An interesting (if predictable) detail of the study: the answers to specific “issues” questions show that journalists are more liberal than they admit. Whereas most continue to self-identify as “moderate,” the answers given to specific questions about religion and homosexuality indicate a strong tilt to the left. This reinforces what many of us believe: journalists think they are far more moderate than they actually are.

UPDATE: Power Line has some interesting points on the survey.

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