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Dean Esmay on Jazz

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A while back, blogger Dean Esmay offered the following perk to anyone who donated $30 to Spirit of America: he would write an essay for them, on any topic. I took him up on it.

Dean is a fan of all musical genres. I am a huge music fan, but mostly of classical and rock. I have never understood jazz, but often thought I should give it a fair chance. So, I asked Dean to write an essay on what I should listen to in order to give jazz a try. The result is a post titled Jazz for Classical Fans. I am looking forward to listening to Dean’s recommendations.

Scumbag of the Year

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And the award goes to the guy who runs this site: Americas Dumbest Soldiers. (Via Michael Demmons at BoiFromTroy.)

Do you suppose Ted Rall is behind this?

P.S. I doubt you will be surprised when I tell you that there is no apostrophe in the title of “Americas Dumbest Soldiers.”

Iraq News of the Day

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Insurgents kill the president of the Iraqi Governing Council. Proof that our enemies fear democracy in Iraq.

Sarin nerve agent and mustard gas discovered in Iraq. Apparent proof that WMD exist in Iraq.

It’s anyone’s guess how this will play in the media. My guess: Abu Ghraib will continue to be considered the “biggest story of the war.”

Carnival of the Capitalists

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A new edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists is up at It’s a collection of pro-capitalist posts. Check it out.

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