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Day by Day, Daily

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I have added Chris Muir’s Day By Day cartoon to the blog. You can find it at the bottom of the main page, updated daily. (I know a lot of people carry it at the top of their sites, but I didn’t like the way that looked.)

Let me know what you think.

P.S. If you hit the “End” key, it will instantly take you to the bottom of the page, and the “Home” key will bring you right back.

New Bear Flaggers

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Welcome to the new Bear Flaggers:

Mad Mikey

The Pirate’s Blog

Ryan’s Head

Tan Horizons

Dispatches from the Culture Wars

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Occasionally, I run across a new blog with writing so impressive that I know I’ll be visiting on a daily basis. Today I discovered such a site: Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

What do I like about this site? I don’t necessarily agree with all the writer’s viewpoints. What I like about it is the good writing. Go just about anywhere on this site, and you’ll see a thoughtful post with excellent writing. It’s the kind of writing that causes you to become interested in topics or points of view that you hadn’t taken seriously before. This is what makes the Web great.

I believe that the last time I was this impressed by a new blog was when I first saw Captain’s Quarters, a blog that I plugged on this site back in December. Captain Ed’s site is now a Web behemoth which has quickly and deservedly outstripped the popularity of my site, with over 2000 visitors a day. I predict much the same thing will happen with Dispatches from the Culture Wars. Good writing will out, every time.

Granted, Dispatches could take longer. Captain Ed’s site is much more overtly political, which makes it more apt to catch fire quickly. But I have little doubt that Dispatches will soon take its place alongside eclectic and popular sites such as Crescat Sententia. Mark my words — this site is going places. It’s on the blogroll.

P.S. I have also added Dustbury to the blogroll. Another eclectic blog with great, great writing. Why it took me so long to add Dustbury, I have no idea.

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