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Ted Rall Attempts to Profit from Pat Tillman’s Death

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Air thief Ted Rall is attempting to make a few thousand bucks off of the death of Pat Tillman. In this post, he says:

Tillman Toon Original

Many people have written to ask about the price for the original artwork for last week’s Tillman cartoon. Current high bid is $4,500; whoever is the high bidder as of Sunday night gets it.

For those who wonder, my originals normally sell for $500-$750.

The man simply has no shame.

The e-mail addresses to express your disgust at this cretin are available in this post.

UPDATE: Despite my best attempts to set myself up as the primary Web opponent of Ted Rall, Michele at A Small Victory has already occupied the spot. Here are her thoughts (from May 14) on the same subject.

One Response to “Ted Rall Attempts to Profit from Pat Tillman’s Death”

  1. Shame,as well,on those who would want to purchase and validate Rall’s lack of sensitivity.
    If I were to buy that cartoon, I would give the $$$ to a Tillman fund,if one exists. But I fear that would also validate Rall’s foolishness.

    Hugo (2fabc6)

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