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“Oh, That Liberal Media” Hits 100,000 Visitors

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Oh, That Liberal Media, a media bias group blog to which I contribute, received its 100,000th visit yesterday. An impressive feat for a blog that is only about two months old.

Meanwhile, Patterico is chugging away steadily, and should pass 100,000 visits sometime this month — after having been around for well over a year.

My thanks go out to Stefan Sharkansky for allowing me to contribute to OTLM. It provides a platform for my rants about the media, and allows me to reach a far wider audience than I could through this blog alone. Thanks, Stefan!

Oh — and if you haven’t checked out OTLM, check it out today!

Ted Rall Mocks Beheaded Man Nick Berg

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Well, he hasn’t yet. I am just looking into the future. Rall will do a sarcastic cartoon about this incident — obviously. After all, when he does, it will draw attention to Ted Rall, won’t it?

P.S. On second thought, maybe Rall will just do a snide essay or blog post. A cartoon may be so predictable that it takes the shock value out of it. No shock value, no national attention. But I know he won’t be able to refrain from dancing on Berg’s grave in some way.

UPDATE: As I predicted, Rall has weighed in on the Berg beheading. Details can be found here.

UPDATE x2: Now he is attempting to profit from Pat Tillman’s death. Unbelievable! Details here.

What Islamofascism Is All About: The Video of Nick Berg

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The video of Nick Berg being beheaded is available here. (If that link doesn’t work, go here or here.) [UPDATE: I have heard that the previous links are having problems, so I have temporarily put the video on my server, here.] Be warned: if you don’t want to watch something graphic, gruesome, and incredibly disturbing, don’t watch it. But there is no better reminder of what we are fighting against.

P.S. I know I’ll be criticized by some for linking to this. Some will say (with good reason) that publicizing the video will be disturbing to the family. This is no doubt true, but that damage is already done. (This would be a much tougher call if the video were not already widely available.) Some will say that publicizing the video is what the terrorists want. It’s a tough call, but I think that — like the images of the planes slamming into the Twin Towers on 9/11 — disturbing images like this need to be available, so that we understand what we’re up against.

If you don’t want to see the images, don’t click on the link. But it’s my belief that this video will steel the resolve of Americans who have had that resolve tested in recent days. If the terrorists think that Americans are going to be cowed by images like this, the terrorists don’t understand Americans.

P.P.S. ZombyBoy has some thoughts on the topic that are worth reading.

P.P.P.S. Joshua Sharf at “Oh, That Liberal Media” points out a relevant fact that the media isn’t emphasizing: Berg was Jewish.

P.P.P.P.S. I hope that you found the content of this post thought-provoking — even if you simply came here looking for the video. If you agree with what you have read here (or even if you don’t!), please consider bookmarking the site and returning. As you can see, blogs are an important source of information that the media doesn’t want to provide to you. That phenomenon didn’t begin with the Nick Berg video, and it won’t end with it.

You might also consider making a donation to Spirit of America, an organization trying to do positive things in Iraq (details in the left margin on the main page).

UPDATE: You may remember Ted Rall as the guy who mocked Marianne Pearl after her husband Daniel Pearl was beheaded. As I predicted in this post, Rall has offered a typically boneheaded opinion on the Berg beheading. Details can be found here — including e-mail addresses you can use to express your disgust for Rall’s special brand of anti-American hatred.


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Bill Quick has a good suggestion for what to do to the top Al Qaeda leaders, if and when we ever catch them.

This Guy Is a Genius

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