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Welcome to Spoons

Filed under: Watcher's Council — Patterico @ 8:57 pm

Spoons, fellow critic of the liberal media, is now a member of the Watcher’s Council.

Welcome aboard, Spoons!

From the Small World Dep’t

Filed under: Morons — Patterico @ 8:27 pm

If you have followed the Micah Wright controversy at all, you won’t want to miss this post by Mrs. Spoons. Even if you haven’t followed it, read the post. She explains everything, and it’s pretty startling.

Good Point

Filed under: Judiciary — Patterico @ 10:57 am

Kevin Aylward has a good point about the bad timing of a recent claim by Dahlia Lithwick.

Where to Bury the Good News About Iraq?

Filed under: Media Bias — Patterico @ 9:40 am

If you are an editor at a major urban newspaper, and a reporter hands in a story of good news from Iraq, you are confronted with one simple question: do you bury it in the entertainment section, or the sports section?

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